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  1. Hey man, let me know when you can be there, we'll do it!
  2. The most fun thing about the car other than going 400 mph all the time is turning on the active seat bolsters watching people try to figure out why they're getting punched in the kidneys.
  3. How is insurance? I'm thinking it may not be bad due to it being a 4 door saloon?
  4. Right at $2k/yr for top level full coverage, only about 15% more than the FJ. Didn't think that was too bad since the M5 books for about double the FJ's value. Overall average rate in WV is ~$1,700 which is top five in the nation.
  5. That average is..pricey. Simple solution would be to buy a house in Maine, change residency, and insure it there I guess lol.

    But small price to pay for such an awesome car. I'll take you up on the VIR offer if car plans pan out next spring.
  6. wow 2k a year? USA#1
  7. I blame all the deer accidents and the back woods redneck meth heads with their insurance fraud schemes.

    And I'll definitely be in touch re: VIR, won't be til after April 15th, so no big rush. But! I don't want you embarrassing my big V10 in your lil 4 banger.
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  9. Haha look at you having some fun. Awesome care dude.
  10. Signed up for an autocross the 22nd, should be interesting / embarrassing.
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    nice 2nd video <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    the sound is just through the roof what an awesome engine
  12. just remember that if you #$%# up it is very fun to send cones flying
  13. Post the vids! I would go into it as a learning experience, not for time, otherwise you'll be frustrated. Those lil 4 banger are quick around cones <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

  14. I fully expect to finish dead last, assuming I can make it around the course without spinning out multiple times.
  15. One key is to completely memorize the course beforehand, at least with the tighter courses that loop back on themselves. As in, be able to close your eyes and visualize the entire thing.
  16. youll be fine, looking at your vid youre certainly not clueless about car control. following the basic techniques will go a long way, like looking ahead and not immediately in front, good lines, maintaining calmness and if there are any hard braking zones maybe choosing braking points. with a bigger, heavier car you need to be a bit patient with the responses and not overdrive the car. if its your first time go with a few of the experienced and fast drivers as a passenger and get one of them or an instructor to join you for a run or two for pointers.

    make sure to adjust tire pressure accordingly to improve turn in on such a tight course and prevent the tires from rolling onto the sidewalls. since auto-x is short, there is no time to reach higher hot tire pressures and so running something like 42 front and 40 rear would be a good starting point on a dry surface. you can always put chalk or crayons on the sidewall, reaching the tread, to read the tire after a run and see how much the sidewall has rolled and adjust accordingly.
  17. Autocross was cancelled, ended up snowing pretty heavily this morning, and basically no one showed up.
  18. made it too easy to drift ...
  19. Bummer! Unless you can find a winter event, you might be out of luck until Spring
  20. Had the same problem where my main plug was stripped, the 6mm hex hole was basically just a 8mm circle at this point. I was able to get it out using a T40 Torx, and instead of going through the same thing ever again, I ordered stardard 17mm drain plugs from ECS.

    Came with resized copper washers and everything. I'm guessing I got the oil level correct.. Supposed to take 9L, I put 8 in and have been watching the level closely, waiting for it to chime in and tell me to add some. All could be avoided if the silly car had a dipstick.
  21. Yeah, no more fun til after April 15th.
  22. all depends on how long you let the oil drain. same thing on the porsches. if you leave it to drain for about an hour you'll get that extra litre out. also if you come across a stripped hex hole the 12 point sockets work very well for getting those out if you hammer it in. same thing with the torx so good thinking on your part
  23. I changed it warm and let it drain probably 15-20 minutes, even lifted the rear end up to level it out hoping it would get the rest out.

    Hopefully I don't ever need it.. but for extended warranty purposes I'm thinking now replacing the drain plug with something non-standard was a bad idea. My plan was to take the car to the dealer for the scheduled 15k oil changes, while doing changes every 5k myself (more based on time than anything, probably won't put 6 or 7k miles a year on the car). Guess the new plug could be used as evidence against me that I had done some of my own maintenance.

    ramble ramble ramble
  24. luckily for you thats an easy switch. and good call on changing oil every 5k instead of the 15 they suggest.
  25. Am jealous. I love my Focus ST but since I found out a RS with the options I want would be about $42k, I've started to look at some of the bigger, more powerful RWD sedans. I never really considered an M5 but now after looking, sub 75k models sub $30k would definitely be in consideration

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