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  1. Its a shame Mazda came up with a car like this, its all Fords fault for the design and the looks of the car. It doesn't even reach the 206kw Japanese factory limit. I like rotaries myself and i'm a fan of the RX-7 but wheres the turbo and why is it naturally aspirated? Who cares if its better for the environment or its for the American market. This car should be a twin turbo triple rotor not some crappy N/A dual rotor.
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    Also, this obsession the japanese have of trying to make their cars look european have gone too far, the new Mazda 6 looks good but the RX-8, new Celica, MR2 Spyder and the R35 GTR concept all look like shit.
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    have u seen this R35? The new renesis engine is better than the older 13B-REW engine. The only reason why the older engine has more hp was because it is twin turbocharged. 250hp from an N/A engine is pretty good. This engine is more compact than the 13B-REW as well. This car is slightly bigger than the RX-7 but i think it will be a success if it wasn't as expensive as the RX-7.
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    still doesn't answer for its crap looks, the RX-7 looked alot better than this. Also, yes i have seen the new R35, the back is good but the front is just plain weird. The shape of it is too much like the 350z which i think doesn't belong considering the shape of the older skyines (R32, R33, R34).
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    reason why turbos are gone is because of emissions (which they are nasty on), they are damn expensive, and requires a lot of care. Mazda is smart not stupid. who cares for the enviroment??? or for itz for the American market??? seein how the earth is polluted as it is havin resources like gas and oil drainin fast, i can see why all car manufacturers are makin Green Machines. and as for them appealin to the American market. well they wanna make profits, so they make sumthin Americans like to buy. geez im sorry Mazda didnt make the car specifically to ur likin.
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    u should be
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    riiiiiight... whatever there bud. i really hope u noticed the sarcasm there.
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    personally i think this is a good move for mazda, they havent made a descent performance car in ages, you have to start somewhere. and i dont think the rx8 looks euro at all, although the other cars you mentioned definetly do look too euro.
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    u still haven't explained y it looks so crap
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    haven't made a decent performance car in ages? what about the rx-7?
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    simple. u call it crap cuz ur statin ur own opinion. itz Mazda's car. they can design the car however they like to. if u dont like it, well go to University, go to the field of automotive engineerin, get ur masters, then work for Mazda of Japan and make a better rotary car. in the mean time, u can stop complainin how the car doesnt meet ur personal standards.
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    i thought ford engineers designed it, since ford owns mazda
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    im pretty sure itz made by Mazda of Japan.
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    looks are a personal thing, i think theyve done a good job, they have the whole flared out look in the front aswell as the back, with a narrow mid section, which is awsome. The power is more then adequate, most of the cars today still dont even have 150hp, never mind 250, and about the turbo, i am positive they will offer a turbo version soon enough, i dont think there is one "sucessfull" turbo charged car, that doesnt have a n/a brother. take the 911 turbo for example, the n/a version came out years before the turbo model, in every generation... so be patient turbo's will appear....
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    i'm quite sure its designed by ford
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    It's impossible to Force Induce the engine in the RX-8. The're coming out with a hi-power one which revs harder and has a bigger rotary well. Who cares about anything when it can rev to 9000!
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    this car was specifically designed by mazda, the underpining engine and pretty much everything about this car is right now only designed for this car thats why they are going to make a convertible and also 2seater of this car if it does well in sales(which i hope it does), to make it more cost effective. so we are going to see other models coming out and probably the turbo also.
    and it does look pretty nice.
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    this car is an ugly duckling, i can't bear to look at it.

    btw, when i get my rx7, i gonna whack in 2 more rotors, remove da pop-up headlights and in its place, put 2 big mo fo truck turbos. then to top it off a massive truck intercooler and 4 low boostin turbos 2 make up 4 da lag off da truck turbos.
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    well there sure quite a few pre-puebescent little bitches on this forum.The RENISES is a great acheivment in the rotary, and i am sure that it will be used in many a coverstion to the earlier Rx's. As said millions times before, the 8 is not a contiuation of the RX7, but more along the lines of R100, RX2, RX3 and RX4. Turboing this little beauty should be no trouble as the intake port is larger, and with the new placement of the exhaust port, creates bigger CFM for a quicker turbo spool.

    As for the looks of the 8, it is definently a matter of personal taste. It is not meant to be a all out sports car like the 7, so stop comparing the two. Mazda definently designed the car, saying Ford did is like sayin GM design the Daewoo's.
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    Great post! I agree, I can't wait to see what Mazda is going to do with a turbocharged RENESIS! if i had my way, i'd slap a twin turbo RENESIS into a rx-7 body b/c i don't like the frame and body on the rx-8 (assuming it would be compatible). they definitely shoulda kept the body of the rx-7-----it was awesome! anyway, Mazda did a good job coming up with such an impressive engine. The only thing i can see wrong with it is that it lacks enough torque, but it's still an awesome car.
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    Firstly I think this car looks unique... it has doors that certainly are unique.
    The RX-7 looked like no other car on the road.

    Secondly theres nothing crappy about the renesis. Basicly they've almost completely eliminated port overlap (and still rev to 9000rpm), yet increase port area by 100%.
    You couldn't do this with a poppet valve piston engine without some kind of magic instant open valves.
    It also means this engine is perfect for turbocharging so it doesn't need to stay NA for too long!

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    SO since daimler-chrysler is a joint us/german company, do you think mercedes would let crappy american design in to mercedes cars ? NO WAY, exept maybe the ML which was made with the american market in mind, which sucked quality wise
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    IIRC all Mazda car chassis are Mazda designs (although Ford may base some of their own cars on 'em) – however some Mazda cars do use Ford engines (e.g. the Mazda6's 6).

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, the Tribute "SUV" is based on the 626 (Ford makes a version of this psudo-SUV as well which sells much higher than the Mazda, despite it being Mazda based).

    I'm not sure if the Mazda truck is a Mazda or Ford design, but I would assume Ford. Their minivan is Ford based as well (not sure if it's built here in Windsor along with the Winstar?).

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