Shayton Equilibrium

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  2. Everything is hot except for the rear.
  3. whoa this car has presence
    it is epic for the win
  4. Why do they have to say 1000hp V12 0-100 in 2.9 and topspeed of 248mph?

    Why can't they just design and build a good looking car, and then go see what it does?

    #$%#ing supercar FAGGOTS
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  8. This is the direction that supercar design should be moving in. I really am not digging the new Pagani and the new Gumpert. Honestly this is what I feel the Aventador should have looked like.
  9. I'm going to ban you again.
  10. That's a damn good looking car though
  11. Well the hypercar market relies on crazy specs to gain attention. Middle eastern buyers actually have the ability to test these cars so it is important for them to go as fast as possible. Top speed used to be a novelty but now wealthy buyers have lots of places to actually try it. That plus bragging rights.
  13. Equilibrium was a cool movie.
  15. Towel head1: My car is faster
    Bunch of sandy looking guys: AHahahaHAHAHAHGAAHAHahahahaah
    Towel head2: Your car looks like a fUcking toad
    Bunch of sandy looking guys: OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh

    Raging FAGGOTS with no PASSION
  16. Puppy face lick scene = cutest movie moment ever.
  18. oh and awesome looking car.
  19. HOLY SHIT!1
  20. Something is wrong with that car...
    Looks like a MC12 with a GTR grille and a stupid koenigseggeseseg interior

  21. yeah yeah, i don't hate everything!
  22. Because power/performance are the only thing that matter (+ price / exclusivity)in markets where cars like this can be sold. In China, Russia and Middle East history, passion and such soft values means nothing
  23. saw the POTD thumbnail and thought it was a ferrari P4/5 in white
  24. One thing I dont like about this car though is it is way too similar is appearance and specs to the Zenvo ST1 in Denmark. It would be a direct competitor. The back design is very reminiscent. MAybe its just because its white.

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