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  1. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000


    There's nothing low-key about the 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR--including its price--which will be about $80,000 when the remake of the 1968 classic arrives in showrooms later this month.

    Ford is suggesting a sticker of $79,995, including shipping charges, but the car will likely command a higher price on the open market as dealers and collectors historically have tacked premiums onto similar limited-run cars.

    Production began in January, and dealer deliveries will start this month. The first GT500KR off the line drew $550,000 at the Barrett-Jackson auction that month. A scan of eBay on Thursday showed one Oklahoma seller asking $169,000 and others asking well more than $100,000 for the car.

    The base price of the GT500KR is more than that of the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, which starts at $72,125, including shipping charges.

    KR stands for King of the Road, and the car is the most powerful production Mustang ever built. It packs 540 hp, 40 more than the conventional Shelby GT500, thanks to a slew of upgrades to Ford's supercharged 5.4-liter V8. Changes include a revised ignition and throttle calibration and a cold air intake system that replaces the stock unit.

    The powerplant is paired with a six-speed Tremec manual transmission with a Ford Racing short-throw shifter--throws are 30 degrees shorter than in the GT500. (autoweek)

    The modern version takes a number of styling cues from its predecessor, including a sculpted KR hood and Le Mans-style striping.

    Ford is building 1000 units for the 2008 model year--with a unique Cobra badge--to mark the 40th anniversary of the 1968 car. The cars are assembled in Flat Rock, Michigan, and then shipped to Shelby Automobile's Las Vegas facility for upgrades.

    Ford said in March that it is increasing production of the GT500KR in the wake of customer demand, adding 746 units for the 2009 model year. U.S. buyers will get 571 of those cars, for a total of 1571 GT500KRs built for this market, the same production number as for the original model. (Autoweek)
  2. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000


    That's almost Viper money.
  3. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    Yeah, but given time this thing is one of the few cars set to appreciate. Drive it two miles to your garage and leave it with the window stickers for the next 50 years.
  4. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    Im guessing shelby had a lot to do with that sticker price.
  5. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    yeah but buying a Mustang to keep like that and you're a twat.

    I can make the case for a Reventon or something but an $80,000 car is not going to appreciate nearly enough to warrant a 50 year investment like that.

    Plus, it's not like they are going to exactly be "rare"
  6. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    LOVE this car, but I really don't like the wheels they put on the production model <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  7. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    Our dealership is getting one and the owner already bought it for himself.
  8. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    Cars I rather have for that price(or cheaper).

  9. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    1000 cars total is pretty rare i'd say
  10. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    you forgot Lotus, and with dealer mark ups, it could be well within Viper money.
  11. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    yeah but cars today are different then cars of the past. especially with are car like that, you can count on like, half of them, at least, surviving 50 years. And it's not like they are WAY better than the normal GT500.
  12. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    It's not much better than the GT500 at all. If you invested that $30'000 into a regular GT500, you'd be lapping the ring in mid-low sevens if you wanted. Maybe running low 9's (or quicker) if that wasn't your thing. But thats not the point of this car.
  13. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    Oh yeah.
  14. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    wow just wow not even worth it lol
  15. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    You're guessing right. Shelby admitted the whole purpose of building the car was to make money for the dealers, so that they could charge over list for them. These same dealers who tried to ream as many people as they could on the GT a couple years back.
  16. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    man i know lol its like, that a lot of money for a mustang lol
  17. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    Here in Europ you could get a decently specced Volvo V70 with that money...
  18. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    and of course, nothing done to the suspension.
  19. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

  20. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    well obviously.

    that's why all signs points to this car being an over priced POS.

    I'd much easier make an argument for the Reventon over this.
  21. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    Except for the springs, dampers, trailing arms, front and rear sway bars, strut tower brace, control arms, a-arm brace, and bushings it's pretty much the same as the GT's, yeah <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/confused.gif"></A>.
  22. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    I'm talking about differences between this and a normal GT500. Although both cars are known for completely shit handling.
  23. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    Didn't Barker on EVO almost praise the Roush Mustang (~400hp), what kind of tweaks did it have suspension wise?
    It cant be all bad, even though Id wait for Camaro.
  24. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    I'm fairly sure it was set up with a lean towards drag racing. But obviously I didn't work on it, so.
  25. Shelby GT500KR priced near $80,000

    Haha, what?

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