shit! new seats and new brakes. better re-badge it

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  1. what a crock of shit!!! buy a '93 model RX-7 ($25-$50000), fit the brakes ($2-$6000) and fit the seats ($500-$1000) and what do you have? The all new and improved RX-7 Type A Sprirt R. HA! this thing is a peice of shit that Mazda has created from the parts bin to boost sales but instead in my eyes they have turned themselves into a commercialistic company of wankers. what do you think the retail price of this would be? $70000 upwards? $80000 upwards? what a laugh.tell me what you think.
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    I think your an ass.
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    I agree all this is a slight mod nuthing to get all hyped about like it is hounustly that much better than other Rx-7 i bet its track times wont be much more than .5 - to .2 seconds at the most from any other stock Rx.
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    dude ur dissing the RX7 when u claim to be a VWfreak, i think u got some problems in ur head. at least this car has some style, no sorry scratch that a lot of style and the balls to match. pfft id like to see a volkswagen line up against this on the quater mile... as i said in another post, R.I.P RX7's everywhere<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from ExoticCars</i>
    <b>I like RX-7's and all, but I agree. This car is pretty stupid. All it is, is a stock RX-7 with some racing seats and brakes. Oh, a VW could beat a RX-7 in a 1/4 mile drag. Since you never said they both have to be stock, a VW Golf could burn this car. I have it in some magazine article. They took a Golf, put a 4WD system on it, and a couple of turbos (twin turbos). I think it made about 400 HP or so. Very fast. I don't see why people ever consider handling (handleing?)... Both cars would be just about equal, maybe the VW ahead (4WD). Either way, VW's are good. Mazda RX-7's are good too. Stop fighting....</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    first off you guys are stupid for bashing a car like this. and a vw beating this? you must be crazy, i golf is a piece of crap, and how heavily modified is that 400hp golf. 4wd system, turbos...blah blah blah whatever it still wont beat this in in ANY way. this thing is about 300hp out the factory, well not here, but all you have to do is put in a single turbo in there and you got more then enough power to kill your 4wd crap trap. face it kid twin turbos arent enough to beat this thing, the only vw that would even come close to running even with this on the quarters in a vw fastback. sorry kid get your facts straight<!-- Signature -->
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    Well, to make a FWD AWD is a huge mod, not to mention making a TT VR6 basicly makes it a entirely different vehicle in its driving dynamics. So its really pointless to compare.
    This is one of the best handlers out there. End of story. It will take the GTI no sweat anywhere anytime stock vs stock. This includes 4 motion GTI's
    And who are you to say this will be much more than the regular RX-7? Why don't you go look at the 25th aniversary edition Golf? Its quite similar to its original car. Yeah, perhaps more changes than this, but so what? This car is awesome, and being that we don't know the price, we really can't say it is a rip off. 80000? Are you stoned? This car sold in the sates for mid to high 30's. This might top 40K, but twice the price? Get real. Stop speculating. Not that this is going to be sold in America, but I'll bet that the price will be quite similar to what its always been.<!-- Signature -->
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