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  1. Im sorry, I had to say it.
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    Lol,You are right sir,this car is shit!lol
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    Why would you say that?

    In the early '80s, it looked like the market for domestic V8 ponycars was going to go away. Everybody wanted turbo 4 cyls (just like import prerfomance cars still often are). Ford decided to seriously get into that market, so that the Mustang itself didn't have to go away (remember, the first Mustang show car was a mid engine 4 cyl car, and the first production mustangs were all I6 powered...). In '80 (the second year of the Fox Mustang), you could get a turbocharged 2.3 in place of the 5.0 if you wanted, though it didn't have as much power, it was, as all turbo cars, rather tuneable. Pointed teh way towards the future of performance street cars. In '84, Ford's SVO team pumped up the turbo 4's power past that of the V8, gave it 16" wheels (a big deal in '84!) 4 wheel disc brakes (also a big deal back then) and tuned teh suspension for handling. The car was incredible when it came out, and remains a collector's item. Dissing on it is ingorant in the extreme.

    Like all intercooled turbo cars, it's very easy to get the engines to make huge power. It was also the car (in '85) that pushed american regulatory agencies to allow flush mounted composite headlamps (which were illegal in the US prior to this).

    Have you ever driven one? Have you ever read any of the major reviews of the car in it's day? Do you even have a friggin' CLUE? No, you have a biased opinion that is based on theory, and shit you've made up on your own. You both are inexperienced, ignorant retards.
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    If they had changed the dimensions, improved the weight distribution, and made it handle better overall (yes, I've driven one, and it doesn't compare to an RX-7 of the same year), then it might have actually been worth bragging about, but as it is, the power, speed and handling are no great feat in engineering.

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    this car sux big time. it looks like a damn escort!
  6. Password please - don't lie. Its a sin. Had you driven an SVO (in any kind of a sporting nature) you would know how blatently obvious your lie is. As for the RX-7 - try rebuilding a rotary and you'll really learn to love them.
  7. How could you say it is like an escort. The only reason you say that is because it doesnt have 900 hp like only good cars have(sarcasm). stupid

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  8. Only juveniles can't appreciate fox-body Mustangs.

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