Shitty shows (fact not opinion)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 944turb0, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. The following shows suck and no one should be watching them:

    The OC (zZz)
    Charmed (supershit)
    Malcom in the Middle (not funny)
    Smallville (supershit)

    There are many more but #$%# you, there are too many.
  2. Malcom in the Middle is one of the worst shows ever.
  3. why does everyone hate malcom in the middle?

    i thought the first couple of serieseseses were pretty good...
  4. I kinda liked it a first. Then I noticed its like the Simpsons only not animated. That made it jsut retarded.
  5. Worst show ever. Worst cast ever. Worst writers ever.
  6. The real fact is that 99% of shows on TV suck.
  7. The real fact is that TV sucks.
  8. Haven't seen it.
    Haven't seen it.
    I agree.
    Haven't seen it.
    The Daily show, Simpsons, and the occasional Family Guy are the only shows I bother turning that thing on for these days...
  9. Malcom in the Middle is the best
  10. REality TV sucks.
  11. Reality TV is the worst.

    But I also hate all of these hollywood shows. I could give a shit what Tom Cruise does everyday.
  12. CSI and the Simpsons are the only two shows I really watch.
  13. i watch laguna beach for some freakin reason. they are all idiots, and they cause me pain.
  14. The only things worth watching on TV are automotive shows, sports, news, and the Discovery Channel.
  15. That reminds me, the new season of The OC aired in the US last night. I'ma have to download it.
  16. OCC rocks.
  17. OCD is the best (conan spoof)
  18. Oh, and the discovery channel. Forgot about that. There aren't any good sports on TV except Hockey, so we're #$%#ed from that angle.
  19. I dunno, I like CFL and American college football. But yeah, hockey is a sore spot these days.
  20. Football is cool live. It's not the same on TV.

    Edit: I #$%#ing hate the Bombers.
  21. Most everything except Conan/Daily Show
  22. Argo's buddy. Booya!
  23. I quit watching after the Bombers officially failed. What's happened so far?
  24. i like Leno

    i hate everything soap-like stories

    simpsons, family guy, and southpark are great
  25. Malcom is OK sometimes. Never watched any of those others.

    Anymore I agree TV is turning complete shit. There are only a very few shows I usually watch anymore:

    - This Old House (the original and only non-retarded reality show)
    - DaVinci's Inquest (only non-retarded crime drama on TV)
    - Top Gear (bit torrent!)
    - Trailer Park Boys (hits way too close to home <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>)
    - PBS News Hour (as un-sensational and in-depth as news gets)
    - Nova (best doc' series)
    - Frontline (best news magazine)
    - Rick Mercer's Monday Report (Rick Mercer!!!)

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