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    In the words of Rick James, adrenaline is one hell of a drug – just ask the unidentified motorist seen above. You see, a local news crew caught up with George Lindell shortly after a fairly spectacular traffic accident. As he tells it, a vehicle rear-ended his van, flipped onto its side and then slid into a power pole, knocking out an electrical transformer at the same time. As anyone who's seen a transformer go down can tell you, a light show ensued, complete with plenty of arcing electricity, a shocked finger and one stunned driver.

    If it sounds dramatic when we tell it, you should hear the tale straight from the horse's mouth. Admittedly, we have no idea if this is a new video or not, nor if the motorist in question is intentionally trying to overdramatize things, but it's the first time we've laid eyes on the footage, so watch it along with us: Hit the jump to partake in the hilarity.
  2. Those are not the words of rick james
  3. Rick James never said that, by the way.
  4. lol in your face
  5. Shocking
  6. ab
  7. did rick james ever say that?
  8. joe gauois said it, so it must be true

    (he has a background in engineering)
  9. he's quick with a joke
    or to light up your smoke
  10. He said cocaine is a hell of a drug not adrenaline, why would he even say adrenaline that's retarded

  11. i've been on since i was a 14 year old child, back when i was a tupac/nirvana fan changed/ruined my life, i used to take this shit very seriously (#$%#ing REAL)
  12. Did I mention the 126hp I4?
    Yeah stfu.
  13. Are you still as tight as back then
  14. Woah inappropriate sounding like paul over here
  15. my booty u mean?
  16. all the drugs and all the partying i'm just aint the same bro

    i mean i be listening to gucci mane sometimes, and that boy is straight retarded

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