Shoes; how many you gots?

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  2. Absurdly comfortable. They barely sold any of them because they were so ugly. I picked them up for $10. Best shoes purchase ever.
  3. Two pairs of Havaianas from Brazil. One pair of running shoes. One pair of Vans. One pair of semi-boots. One pair of sandals. One pair of snowboard boots. One pair of tennis shoes. Two pairs of other shoes. One pair of dress shoes, although those are at my friends place. Some old and worn down ones that I never wear any more.
  4. Dress shoes
    Two pairs o' Pumas
    Work boots
    Snow boots
  5. I've got lots, but that doesn't mean I wear them.

    I've only got 2-3 I wear on a regular basis. Then I've got maybe 4 pairs of casual shoes I never seem to wear anymore, a couple of pairs of dress shoes, tramping boots I'll wear for a few days every month and other random shoes like cycling/cricket/soccer etc.

    I bought some Clarks desert boots on friday too. #$%# they're rad.
  6. you cheesin' man?
  7. This site is #$%#ing terrible.
  8. i have a black pair of dress shoes, brown ones, flip flops, canyoneering shoes, grey new balances, and 2 pairs of #%$goty-looking white college boy lacoste shoes
  9. i have a left one and a right one
  10. Probably 15+ pairs.
  11. a pair of boots and a pair of running shoes and a pair of dress shoes
  12. Boat shoes
    Nike SB's
    Nike Slip ons
    Vans slip ons
    Supra skytops
    Dress shoes
    flip flops
    ski/snowboard boots
    running shoes
  13. Four pairs of sneakers, one that I wear a lot, a couple that I wear sometimes, and one pair thats beaten to hell for when I need shoes I don't care about. A pair of dress shoes, a pair of really nice running shoes that I barely use, and a pair of flip flops. And a pair of winter boots for when theres shitloads of snow.
  14. Like 10 or 11 or more different pairs. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/confused.gif"></A> That includes running shoes, basketball shoes, sandals, etc.
  15. Pumas for everyday/work
    Rainbows that I wear mostly all the time (except for work)
    Nike Shox for sports/running
    Some Brown casuals for going out/looking nice
    Black dress shoes for church
    Puma Cleats for soccer/football

    I think thats it
  16. hahaahha
  17. I'm glad more people have the whole black shoe, brown shoe thing going. Excellent.
  18. 2 (pairs),but I dont count dress shoes/boots I havent worn in a year or more
  19. a pair of casual shoes
    two pairs of dress shoes
    a pair of old shoes that i use for mowing the lawn etc.
    Oh, and a pair of thongs (flip flops) because I'm Australian.
  20. black shoes white shoes and basketball shoes.
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  22. uhhhhh

    normal shoes
    -consolidated skateboards "banana" vans
    -patagonia approach shoes
    -saucony jazz because they're comfy

    1 pair of bike shoes

    2 pair dress shoes, one polished wingtip, one flat black loafers

    lots of climbing shoes, I have 4 working pairs that i use for various types/conditions

    also getting a pair of mega hiking boots soon

    goddamn i've got a lot of shoes

    well not really compared to some people



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