Shoes; how many you gots?

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  1. 1 pair of rubber boots for sailing
    1 pair of deck shoes " "
    1 pair of steel toe boots
    1 pair of "school" shoes
    1 pair of regular walk/run around in shoes
    and a pair of some kind of boots.
  2. More than I ever thought I'd need.
  3. Black shoes brown shoes FTMFW.
  4. A pair of black Chucks
    Two pairs of Chaco flippy floppies
    Two pairs of Ecco loafs
    A pair of Bostonian loafs
    Two pairs of New Balance runners
    A pair of Top Siders
    A pair of brown Kenneth Cole square-toes that I can't wear
    A pair of black pointy-toe Italian leather boots with clicky clackers on the soles
  5. you should probably get some boat shoes too. I know, youre thinking "ill never be on a boat" but hey you never know
  6. i have a lot

    2 pair of Puma Running shoes
    1 Puma Suede
    1 Puma Argentina
    1 Puma driving shoe, Ferrari (all black)
    1 pair of Adidas micro bounce
    1 pair of Adidas Goodyear
    1 pair of Adidas Porsche

    1 pair of dress shoes
    1 pair of black work shoes
    1 pair of of skechers
    1 pair of retro air jordans from 92, a gift
  7. It's essential.
  8. I wonder what kind of shoes are best to climb buoys, mother#$%#er.
  9. casual
    work boots
    winter boots
    flip flops
    bike shoes
    rock shoes
    climbing boots x 2
    hiking boots
    ski boots
    soccer cleats
    soccer indoor shoes
    rubber boots
    wading boots
  10. I have like, hella. Lemmie try to list, maybe i'll take pics when i'm home from work.

    Converse Chucks
    Gator skinned dress shoes
    black leather dress shoes
    white leather loafers
    black adidas super stars
    white adidas super stars
    Reebok Iversons for Basketball
    Black Nike Basketball shoes
    Adidas MicroBounce for running
    White Lacoste sneakers
    white canvas sneakers
    red puma "racing" shoes
    black canvas sneakers
    nike shox cross trainers
    steel toed work boots
    white red nike sneakers
    white nike sneakers
    white with red and gold puma sneakers
    gucci sneakers
    white gucci dress shoes
    Brown semi dress shoes
    White Adidas Muhammad Ali shoes
    a couple of black dress shoes
    a couple of sandals

    at the top of my head...
  11. 6 pairs of sneakers, 1 pair of dress shoes i've worn like 5 times, and a pair of timberland boots
  12. my dd shoes..a pair of grey sneakers, a pair of black steel-toe boots, and a pair of dress shoes I've only worn once.
  13. I'm thinking of getting a pair of so called desert boots, not sure what colour though. Probably sand.
  14. A ton, I'm not even sure what all I have. My uncle had the same fit as me, and when he passed I got all his shoes. He had a very nice pair for every occasion.

    Off hand I'd guess I have 20 pair of shoes, but only regularly wear 3 pair of them.
  15. like three or four, all older than two years and shitty except for my cheap dress shoes. clothes are for girls you girls
  16. Like 3 pairs that I wear regularly. That doesnt include thongs.
  17. i just got these today. shit is mad crispy son.

    they're white jordan 8's, for when the picture doesn't load.
  18. i have a black pair of dress shoes, brown ones, flip flops, canyoneering shoes, grey new balances, and 2 pairs of #%$goty-looking white college boy lacoste shoes
  19. work boots
    Some Reeboks that I wear everywhere
    1 pair of thongs/flipflops/sandals

    Reeboks are the newest at 5 years old... Going strong though. Nothing wrong with them at all. Even my Redback work boots are great.
  20. 3 pairs. One for work, one for casual, one for sport.
  21. Four:

  22. 3:

    1 pair for work/dress
    2 pair casual (skateshoes)
  23. 5

    Flip flops
    Mowing/shitty shoes

    Edit: Plus my snow boots/work boots/ rugged work shoes.
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    Nike Oncore (glow in the dark)
    Nike Mogan
    Nike Insurgent
    Adidas things that fordracing gave me, and i modified with bright orange laces
    Turquoise plymsolls
    White/grey striped plymsolls
    Smart shoes for the office
    Sandals *
    Flip-flops *
    Hiking boots

    I will be buying more Mogans soon as they came out with some new colourways which are #$%#ing boss:

    and i have random things like ski boots but i guess they don't count as footwear

    * not sure if these count as "shoes" either
  25. answers like these make me lol/facepalm

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