Shooting at Virginia Tech...32 dead, more injured

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  1. what do you mean?

  2. which is harder. Especially through doors.

    It's either that or give everyone their own gun. Then there would be no advantage for anyone.
  3. Please find that quote.
  4. True, this is complete speculation.
  5. You don't think there's ever a case with no remorse? Honestly, in a case when one person hates the surrounding social environment, feels it has hurt him, I can see a scenario in which this person does not feel remorseful for his acts. It's hard to blame a family in much the same way - as you have partly determined who your family is - and I think you are drawing too broad a comparison.
  6. "Huge majority of them have the same ending, the killer shooting himself. They do it because they can't stand life with the remorse of what they've done, not because they are afraid of going to jail."

    In that sense, it makes the most sense, I agree. People who are obviously over-the-top unstable dont give a flying #$%# if jail is involved, their emotions take the better of them. ESPECIALLY AFTER KILLING #$%#ING 30 PEOPLE, holy christ.
  7. That's exactly how I see it. +1
  8. Exactly, with my case as well. I dont know, #$%# no one will know what was going on in the dudes head.
  9. And it's also worth asking why college students need to own guns if they spend a certain amount of their time in a place where they are not allowed. I can see it for someone who lives off campus, possibly, but this kid lived on campus, right? So, exactly why are college students who live in dorms where guns are strictly forbidden allowed to buy guns?
  10. "The man who would choose security over freedom deserves neither."

    Thomas Jefferson

    "Those willing to give up a little liberty for a little security deserve neither security nor liberty."

    Ben Franklin

    At least according to the interwebs.
  11. The media is #$%#ing disgusting. On Larry King live right now, he's interviewing the father and brother of one of the girls who died. Sample questions include:
    - "How far do you live?" Father responds that they aren't too far. "Oh, so at least you didn't have to drive too far." As if any parent wouldn't drive or fly to another continent to make sure their son/daughter was okay.
    - "When did you learn your daughter was dead?" (exact words)
    - "How do you deal with this? How do you deal with the madman who did it?"
    - "What is it like returning to this school under such circumstances?"
    - "Why do you agree to talk about you daughter?"
    - "Have you made any funeral plans?"

    How abvious are those answers? Do they just have no remorse? I don't know how these people sleep at night with their bullshit sympathy.

    Oh, and I LOVE the fact that they feel the need to consult Dr. Phil every 5 seconds, because Dr. Phil is just a #$%#ing expert on suffering. "Dr. Phil, would you say this candlelight vigil helps people cope?" "There's no doubt about that Larry. *insert long-winded explanation of what is completely obvious to everyone who is not in a coma*". Wow, how intelligent!

    I hate the media. I really do.
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  13. Thank you.

    Whether or not the loss of freedom would've given extra security in this case is a separate debate, and marcus sems to be losing that one.
  14. Those quotes rock. +1
  15. I saw the Jefferson quote on a bumper sticker once and I really wanted one. But I could never put a bumper sticker on my car, so I dunno what I would have done with it.
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  17. Well excuse me if I believe it should be a little harder than an instant background check to get a gun in Virginia. I haven't directly suggested any measures that would result in 'loss of freedom' in this thread, so I think you should reserve judgment. All I would like to point out is that if you read this kid's Wikipedia article, it is clear that the people around him knew he was unstable, 'the loneliest person I knew' according to one professor, and had a head filled with 'grotesque, morbid' images. We can do a better job of keeping guns out of these people's hands.
  18. In order to get a gun you must present all your works from creative writing class for approval.
  19. This kid did not deserve the right to own a gun. I pay taxes to law enforcement, and my message to them is - get the f*cking guns out of these people's hands in a reasonable manner. It's their job to come up with non-invasive means of doing this, and I know it can be done.
  20. Just a question - for everyone who is for the status quo of VA gun laws - did Cho Seung-hui deserve the right to purchase and own a gun?

    Don't answer any other questions. We all know it was illegal the second he brought it on campus, that's not the question I asked.
  21. Yes. There was no definitive way of knowing he would go out and kill so many.
  22. There's a flaw in your logic. You know now that this kid was a homicidial maniac and so see it as obvious that he should not have been sold a gun, though the only warning signs were that he was a loner and liked writing about violent scenarious. Do you have any idea how many teens in this country probably show similar signs every day? How many of them go on to kill people?
  23. In my mind there are many people who have no business owning a gun. I think it shouldn't be the case in our society where everyone has the right to own a gun... unless you fall into certain bad criteria. I think it should be you have to prove yourself worthy of the ability to handle gun ownership, or otherwise assumed unworthy.
  24. Sucks for all the Korean people in VA.

    They closed down all the stores and aren't leaving their houses because they're scared someone is going to attack them.

    I live in Charlotte, and my parents aren't letting me go outside because they say I look like the deceased shooter.

    So...I have to stay inside for a while. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  25. So how do you propose we have these people prove themselves and make sure people like Cho don't get through? Consult their teachers? Read their Engish papers? He was messed up, yeah, but didn't do anything that would really stand out.

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