Should America/the world attack Syria?

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  1. I wonder how America will pay for all of this since they are in massive debt.
  2. Those chinamen can't get enough of our T-Bonds, fughedaboudit.
  3. They'll just keep doing what they're doing right now: get the Federal Reserve to print 10s of billions of dollars every month to buy government bonds. Just a pity that the guy on 'main street' will be the one paying for it.

    Edit: because unlike what Marcus thinks, the Chinese are only willing to buy so much shitty U.S. govt debt. Whatever debt they can't sell at an interest rate that wouldn't send the U.S. into instadefault (which is a #$%#load) they'll put to the printing press.
  4. Of course we should. Any time your rationale for going to war checks out, it is politically and economically beneficial to do so. Since assad definatly used chemical weapons, is strongly suggest military response.
  5. More reports coming in saying things are getting more serious. Syria is bracing for impact.
  6. I was being facetious.
  7. Let Syria handle their own problems unless it spills over into other countries.
  8. How do you know he "definitely" used chemical weapons? The evidence I've seen so far are quite vague.
  9. Where is the political and economic benefit here?

  10. Like Lebanon and Turkey?
  11. That's a bad idea since most ICBMs have a MINIMUM range of ~2000+ km. They'd end up nuking Kazakhstan or Russia, now that would be good for world peace!

  12. let alone the nuclear fallout that will blow towards israel when the wind is in the wrong direction.
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    hear hear
  14. Nee

    Doesn't work that way. A few extra X-rays worth maybe. Nothing dramatic.
  15. American just can't stop spreading it's freedom.
  16. How else do you explain thousands of body bags with no perceptible flesh wounds?
  17. Massive diarrhea epidemic
  18. No, but WW3 may very well start soon.
  19. Rebels
  20. We don't get wind blowing from Syria.
  21. Thousands of perfectly still actors I suppose?
  22. It's simply convenient for people who want to think all the rebels are radical islamists to say that. But in all likelihood, a chemical attack of the scale that was seen can only come from a well organised and supplied military.
  23. Why doesn't the Mossad just step up and take care of this problem? Oh that's right, they always come crying to the US and western world to protect them.

    The US can't afford wars anymore, not unless you are gaining resources after the fact.

  24. It's been proven that the rebels deployed chemical weapons in may of this year. And they were caught we quite a amount of poison gas in Turkey earlier this year. It's not that hard to deploy it.
  25. nah

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