Should automatic firearms be legal?

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  1. Alright then, allow the guns, and get rid of all americans, PROBLEM SOLVED!

    Dont give guns to idiots (americans).
  2. Yeah, because us stupid Americans have guns, it causes us to have a much higher crime rate than countries like Great Britain and Australia, right? Oh wait...
  3. Yeah, that and american stupidity.
  4. Too bad that those countries both have higher violent crime rates than the US, even though they have very strict gun laws. Which brings us back to the point that violence in society is about the people, not the guns.
  5. America does have a higher violent crime rate than the UK or Austrailia. Switzerland gives you the gun with militia training. It isn't like you are allowed to take the gun hunitng or anything. Norway and sweden both have high gun ownership rates. What kind of guns are actually bought in those countries? If everyone is buying a gun for hunting than it doesn't matter what kind of machine gun is allowed. In any case, if you really wnat a machine gun, get one. You can.
  6. And there's your problem; your basis for your argument is a stereotype about people from another country.
  7. Switzerland the progressive, intelligent country that gave women the vote in 1978.
  8. well on one hand, anyone who REALLY wants an automatic weapon, can make one without much effort, but on the other hand, the general public has absolutely no need whatsoever for automatics
  9. There is no reason why anyone needs an Xterra either. Turn your shit in and get an electric car.
  10. What a hypocritical pussy, "Guns are bad! They only cause trouble!"
    Bucknutz - "Explain these places with higher gun ownership then."
    Assclown - "Um, Americans are stupid!"
    Bucknutz - "What?"
    Assclown - "I have zero evidence of anything and overlook well known facts, I'm right though because I'm not American!"

    What a jackass, maybe if you were smart enough to look at the facts you'd see the gun MURDERS in the US are on par with Australia. Wow, who would of imagined. Maybe you should just start listening to Americans, we know whats best for everyone.
  11. Electric cars in their current state are about as practical for most people as an Xterra. I get your point but there is a big difference between owning a car that does well off road and owning something designed to mow people down by the 100s.
  12. There are about 2000 accidents (I believe) anually with firearms in the US, most of them preventable with better training. There are 2.5 million uses of a firearm that prevent or deter crime. That means the ratio of lives/property saved to accidents is 1,250:1. Is it not worth that to you?
  13. it doesnt matter what the facts are! hes just going to pick one point out of the whole debate, and focus on it.
  14. The only difference is that the emissions of one kills people over time. And you arn't gonna find many machineguns out there designed to kill people by the hundreds.
  15. What the hell is wrong with you? I suppose you're one of those tight ass foreigners that deep throats propaganda at the rate of Homero.

    lmao, then your economy would go down the shitter and you'd have to give handjobs for food. Your economy, your defense depends on us. I guess when you have penis envy stuff like that doesn't matter.
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    There you go. Born in Chicago Ill. Lived in the U.S. my whole life expect for 2 years when I was 2-3 when my dad was stationed in Sicily. Aus. is lower than the U.S. as are most other countries in that are 1st world nations. We don't have all the answers for the rest of the world thank god. That is a pretty heady responsibility.
  17. How are you recharging your electric car? But that isn't really the point. People aren't ready for Machine Gun ownership. I they are they can get one. Outside of the Regular Militia why would you want one?
  18. I'm still waiting for a point from him. All I've seen is some Anti-American brainwashed drivel and sob stories that you haven't made since you were 10.
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    We've already gone through this. Austrailia doesn't count homicide the same way we do, we include vol. manslaughter, they don't. They are almost equal.
  20. my opinion, is that even though people can get automatic weapons if they really want them bad enough, legalizing them would make them easier to get, but at the same time there would be absolutely no point for the general public to be able to buy them, i mean whats the point, just in case your house gets robbed by 20 people at the same time?
  21. Electricity from a nuclear power plant?

    What are you talking about? No army, country, police station, or civilian is ready for machine gun ownership...before they aquire one. When you use one and begin to train with it then you're ready use it properly.

    I already gave all my reasons in this thread, scroll back a few pages.
  22. The figure varies from 800000-2.5 million. It was a study from the dept. of criminology at florida. However, we are talking about machine guns here not gun ownership. Gun ownership is fine. It has a purpose. Machine gun ownership has no purpose.
  23. 1 on 1,2,3
    SMG vs pistols/nothing
    winner vs losers
  24. if 3 people had pistols, they would still kill you before you killed them.

    EDIT: and also, what kind of situation would someone be in, in which they were jumped by 3 people, and happened to have an automatic weapon on them? and also, there would be a much greater chance that the 3 people who jumped you would also have automatic weapons.
  25. I would rather have emissions than the possiblity of dirty bombs. Once on that is too many. For fun is not a good reason for machine gun ownership. Cocaine is fun too. Self defense for your home is a pretty crumby reason. Machine guns are difficult to handle. SMGs are some better but spraying bullets is not the way to go. If you have it set for single shot then you don't need a SMG. Defense against the government is the funniest one cited so far by gun advocates. The Iraqi army went against our governments forces with MGs. Look where it got them. Against a modern army what would you or 1000s of your friends accomplish?

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