Should automatic firearms be legal?

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  1. Gee so why are you all the ones that are living in fear "needing" guns to prevent crime.

    Especially when you have more then double the amount of ciminals locked up.
  2. Not always true, one person trained properly with an SMG is on par with three people carrying pistols.

    In their home? Because thugs like to buy expensive non-concealable guns and jump people with them. Face it, this would work.
  3. its still 400:1.

    machinegun ownership = gun ownership, all the ideals between the two are the same. The only difference is that machineguns have more capability.
  4. when was the last time you heard about 3 people breaking into someones house and killing the owner because the owner didnt have enough firepower?
  5. What? The chances of a nuclear power plant beign used as a dirty bomb are slim to none.

    From what you're said here I assume you have no background with firearms or self defense? Or SMG's? Their features? The idea behind a 3 shot burst?

    Against our government, you're assuming that our ENTIRE military disreguarded the constitution and the ideals of our country and attack its own populace. You expect the artillery, infantry, tank corps, air power, naval power, and the communication between them to be 100%? Against a modern army what could I accomplish with a few thousand friends...well have you heard of urban warfare, hit and run? It seems to be gumming up our military might WITH Iraqi help at the moment.
  6. Not many people here are living in fear, we just feel the need to give ourselves a good chance at survival should the situation arise. I'm sorry you don't see it that way.

    I hope you mean double the rate of criminals locked up, because our populations are like 295m to 30m. Either way it'd probably just show that we punish people who deserve it and y'all let them go.
  7. It happens, you think you can take 3 people out in the dark with only seven shots? When was the last time you shot a pistol, they arn't that easy to use effectively, especially in a pressured situation.

    I've heard of a machine gun owner taking on several criminals and winning however.
  8. An expensive SMG is accurate. The kind people are going to buy, probably not.
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  10. I'm all for any gun you can name.

    But giving the average person access to a military weapon doesn't seem right.

    Joe average just doesn't 'need' an M60 or an MP5 you know?
  11. See, its like a bunch of scared little women. "we're just being prepared , for SURVIVIAL just in case.". Come down to reality, that's living in fear. What is it, about a 5-6 in 100,000 chance, and thats very dependant on where you live.

    How is this not fear? Your scared of something happening so your preparing for it.

    I've already posted the figures up for it. its something like 600 vs 150 per 100,000. THe US is ahead of EVERY country by a long way. over 2 mil in jail as apoosed to second (by pure figures) china at 1.5 mil.
  12. They serve no purpose, unless you have really bad aim, or you're hunting herds.
  13. Three criminals could come into my house with SMGs? Awesome.
  14. really bad aim combined with SMG, sounds like a lot of fun!
  15. Comparing other countries and their gun toting populace to back up gun ownership is not really sound. Switzerland and America have two hugely different cultures.
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    you can pick up an AK in most troubled countries for less than 5USD. the only problem is customs in your developed country.
  17. One was for sale in a regional paper for $1200 here in the US, minus the liscence fee of course.
  18. the law of supply and demand is applicable. theres only one AK there and many people likely to buy it. THere is truckloads of AKs in developing countries and only a few militias to buy them.
  19. Did you watch michael moore's movies? 'Course you didnt, you americans dont like him because he says the truth about USA being filled with idiots.

    USA has over 10'000 gun murders a year, every single other country has around 100.

    Look, Canada, since we're not stupid like you guys, we dont NEED defences, we never needed them, and we probably never will, and you know what? If USA decided to stop defending Canada, then only we'd have to do, is get an army, and that, can be done.
  21. Actually, we have about 8,000 to 9,000 a year, but that's ok. We have over 11,000 if you count justifiable homicide (Self-defence, police use, etc.) that were not classified as crimes.
  22. Thats... ok? OK!?! over 8000 people per year die by murder and thats OK!?! Holy sh!t you guys got a problem.

    8000+ is a HUGE ammount.
  23. You missed the point. "That's ok" was in reference to your error, not to the number of firearm homicides. Calm down.
  24. What the hell? I had a some guy try to pull a gun on me almost 2 weeks ago, you're talking about the chances of me DYING not the chances of me being attacked. Fear is different than the comprehension that shit does happen, how can you not understand this? I'm not agitated or anxious in any way. You Aussies are so weird, you think of everything ass backwards.

    Quit buckling your seatbelt, you're just living in fear. Get it?

    Is it a bad thing to arrest people breaking the law? I didn't know that you would consider a criminal on the streets a good thing.
  25. lmao, Using Michael Moore as evidence is like trusting Michael Jackson with your kids.

    The USA has about 11000 deaths from guns each year, that includes accidents, homicide, suicide, and SELF DEFENSE. So when a cop shoots some perp, it ads to that number. If you take pure homicide that number is down to like 6,000 a year out of 295,000,000. Oh, and you didn't consider population differences did you?

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