Should automatic firearms be legal?

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  1. OK, stop using this "it isnt necessary" or "there's no reason" argument. There is no reason for plenty of things existing, yet people have them anyway. Not being necessary is not a reason for the government confiscating something. It's just a stupid line of argument.
  2. And if there were no guns, that number would go way down to maybe 1000, maybe less.

    Oh and your right, i didnt consider population difference.

    Lets see, 14000 gun murders a year for 300 millions in USA, vs 500 per year in over 1 billions in China, your right, that makes it even worse.
  3. Thats because the Chi-Comms will pop you if you do absolutely anything appearing to resemble crime and won't even spare you a trial. It's morally wrong, but rather effective....
  4. Yeah, you're defense depends on us. How patheitic is that.

    hahahaha, you're not stupid...Why don't you go buy some more junk ass submarines so that we can have another international incident. Or make yourself even more of a #%[email protected] to the US. We enjoy being on top.

    Yeah, you guys could have a killer army, all you'd have to do is raise your taxes 70%.
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    OK: There were 8,719 non-justifiable firearm homicides in the United States in 2001, according to FBI statistics. This is the most recent information I could come up with, and it is unlikely that the number has changed on any order of magnitude since then.
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    And thats probably more than every other country out there put together.
  7. so what did you do? pull your gun out and "fend" him off?

    chances of you dying. What are the figures for people getting killed by strangers? #$%#all thats what. what is it 6 out of 100,000 and what % of that is strangers killing other strangers? 16% or something. oh no. so theres less then 1 in 100,000 chance of you being killed. better carry around a gun with you just in case. Oh but hangon. that may actually end up being the reason you do get shot at or killed.

    Being an overdramatic scared women is different to the comprehension of something that is less than 1 in 100,000 chance of happening and trying to "prepare" yourself by carrying weaponry which may acutally be the reason you get in trouble or may have no difference at all for such a posibility.

    "Quit buckling your seatbelt, you're just living in fear. Get it"
    well firstly its illegal. Secondly the chances of having an accident are much higher then getting shot by some stranger or needed a gun to defend myself.
  8. No, because criminals wouldn't buy legal automatic weapons that were registered. They'd just get illegal ones.
  9. If you had bothered watching the movie, you would've seen that there was a message at the end of the movie that said he could PROVE everything he said. So dont go saying it aint true, cuz it is, and he can prove it easily enough.
  10. Automatic firearms and marijuana should be legal.
  11. But there ARE guns and there will always be an illegal market for them. So why can't you drill that through your thick skull. If there were no guns whatsoever (meaning every single gun company on the planet shut down and initiated some self destruct mechanism on every gun ever created) then there would still be murder, and a lot of it.

    No, more like 5-6000 gun murders in the united states, thats fine by me. Nothing we can do about it. Makes it worse for your stupid ass too.

    So, there will always be guns, this is indisputable. So then what makes you think gun murders will go down when civilians turn in their legally owned guns?
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  13. No, he told me to pull over so I did. He kept driving.

    I'm sick and tired of you pussywhipped children who think that you can play by the statistics. Shit happens and you can not deny this, I would of rather had a gun because the next asshole might not hesitate to pull that trigger.

    Ok, so if some guy was pointing a gun at you what would you say, "There's only a .5 in 100,000 chance that I'm gonna die this year, so I'll just stand here and see what happens." What a joke.

    Ok, stop living in fear of the police/death, the odds of you dying in an accident are only like 90 in 100,000. I guess that makes you guys overdramatic scared women?

    You can say whatever you want and it really won't amount to anything, you know how many times guns are used to prevent crime. Who knows how that number would change if guns wern't there. And who knows what might happen, certainly not you. Apparently you lead a sheltered life like Burner.
  14. I did bother watching that piece of shit, and he was still proven wrong on MANY SUBJECTS in that movie.

    Your dumb ass didn't know about his army of lawyers he hired to fight anyone who opposed him, why would he need lawyers if he could easily prove the truth...just like Bowling for Columbine huh...

    Oh, and you take something after the movie credits as evidence that he is telling the truth, thats great to know. What if I sent you my rebuttle on a box of frosted flakes? Where does that get me?
  15. Thats nice to know Dazzlar: 2,238,480 assaults in the US in 1999. Thats just the ones that are reported. Which equals out to about 1 in 100 people per year, and who knows how that is going to end.
  16. And where are you getting these numbers anyway?

    If you want to play that game-

    Allowing automatic guns = less crime. Prove me wrong.
  17. see you didnt even need a gun.

    So lets see, you'd rather have a gun for next time if the guy shoots..... so your going to dodge his bullet? or shoot his bullet before midair to stop it? Yeah that sounds crazy but it may just work.

    The joke is that you feel this NEED to shelter yourself from any harm even though it may not make any difference in the end anyway for certain circumstances that are EXTREMELY unlikly to happen.

    "stop living in fear of the police/death"
    ??I dont know what your talking about.

    "Apparently you lead a sheltered life like Burner"
    Sheltered? so what do I have to do to become unsheletered? get arrested, done it. get drunk, done it, take drugs, done it. go to tity bar, done it. get in a fight, done it. get heldup at knifepoint, done it. I could keep going.

    burners a stupid kid.

    The reason I dont feel this big scaredness like you is because I've been there, and after the last 10+ years of going out every single weekend to just about everywhere there is. I have come to the realisation that I was a stupid little moron for feeling the need to carry a weapon. And carrying weapons doesnt mean they will make a difference.
  18. Holy shit. Stop being such whiny #%[email protected] and prove even one thing you're saying.

    Prove to us that automatic ownership will increase violant crime significantly. If it is so #$%#ing obvious, this should be a one minute job, but no one seems up to the task. I don't think anyone has even posted one stat that shows anything negative will arise if automatics are legalized. Only stupid appeals to emotion and immature stereotypes (OMG Americans are Red Necks! Watch Micheal Moore!).
  19. And what if he would of started shooting?

    What the #$%# is wrong with you?! You don't know your ass from your elbows when it comes to guns, its really #$%#ing hard to shoot someone with a pistol one handed to the side in the dark.

    blah blah blah, #%[email protected] all you want, it DOES happen so do assaults which are LIKELY to occur.

    I know you don't understand, that's what makes this so entertaining.

    To become unsheltered, you haven't been in enough confrontations to know what you're talking about apparently.

    Yes he is.

    Here's what I got out of that, "Your country has a lot of gun murders, but you don't need to defend yourself. Oh, and I know what's going on over there too."

    I'll be back in a little.
  20. If he had started shooting, you'd be dead, gun or not.
  21. So I havnt been in enough confrontations to know what I'm talking about?

    So how many would I have to get into for my ponit to be valid, oh well you already know somehow?

    So tell me, how many have you been in?

    I dont keep count, but I've been in easily over 50 in my time. Partially because I go out at least once a week partying. Over years you come accross a lot.

    "Here's what I got out of that, "Your country has a lot of gun murders, but you don't need to defend yourself. Oh, and I know what's going on over there too.""
    hold up.. You have what 6 per 100,000 homicides, we have 2 per 100,000. but only 16% are by strangers. That aint a LOT. I never claimed it was a lot. You should be more wary of people you know and friendst hen strangers.
  22. Do you seriously ignore everytime its been mentioned that the two countries track homicide differently?
  23. oh really. no really? omg. shutup butplug. I've already been through that before. and I belive somewhere in here I"ve posted the stats already. 2 per 100,000 for aus and 5-6 per 100,000 for US is close to accurate. felch me.
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    You don't say?

    Here's one part I especially liked. Though according to this, I may have been wrong about Sweden...

    "After Australia and England and Wales, the highest prevalence of crime was in Holland (25 percent), Sweden (25 percent) and Canada (24 percent). The United States, despite its high murder rate, was among the middle ranking countries with a 21 percent victimization rate," the London Telegraph said."
  25. I don't feel that I need a gun to protect me. I will end up owning a gun eventually, but that's only because I'm going to be a cop. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't get one. Maybe you should think about getting a gun, considering that your country is more violent than ours. How can you say that gun control works when your violent crime rate is no lower than ours, even with a strict gun ban?

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