Should automatic firearms be legal?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by FerrariAKL, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. So your argument is if it is not necessary, it should be banned. If that's the case, you'll have no problem accepting all the other conclusions that follow from that argument, involving many many things being banned.
  2. I know a lot of bad mutha#$%#as with clean records.
  3. Hence the ban on sawed-off shotguns. This is news to nobody. Nobody has said that sawed-off shotguns should be legal.
  4. The debate is whether or not automatic firearms should be allowed to be legally purchased.
  5. The reasoning behind the (was it Ill.?) law was that the gun was not needed. That was the point. Not that sawed off shotguns are. If it is good enough for sawed offs why not MGs?
  6. Where are you purchasing these weapons?
  7. If it's good enough for sawed off shotguns, why not beach balls? No one needs those #$%#ing useless things.
  8. Then why not use a beach ball instead?
  9. Of a machine gun of course.
  10. The court found that a sawed-off shotgun is not protected under the 2nd Amendment. Nobody here has argued with that decision. They basically said that sawed-off shotguns are not the kind of weapon that would be used by a militia. I think it's pretty obvious how a full-auto gun would be useful in a militia though.
  11. Milita is decided by the state
    see Cruishank case
  12. You keep picking the most irrelevant cases ever. What in the holy hell does United States v. Cruikshank have to do with whether or not automatic firearms should be legal?
  13. I might be thinking Presser. Sorry it has been a few years since I've had any law. I chose these cases because they are the only ones that deal with firearms. The state you are in decides whether or not you can be in a militia and what guns you can use. They could send you out with a flintlock. That is all that Uncle Sam requires. See militia acts. States determine what guns are allowed.
  14. Okay, I get what you're trying to say, but what does this have to do with the topic?
  15. Automatic weapons technically are legal in some states. If you want, you can get it.
  16. I can get one here in Virginia, though I am not allowed to fire it and it must be a "pre-ban" weapon. I have to pay for a special liscence and I must go through an extensive background check. IMO this is somewhat of a good model to follow, although I would allow for the gun to be fired (of course) and get rid of the ban so that I can purchase currently-manufactured weapons up to .50 caliber.

    OK, people argue that automatic weapons can be used in crime and arn't necessary but tell me this: why would you have automatics ILLEGAL?
  17. Furthermore, how does being a gun enthusiast make you a redneck or a hick?
  18. One of life's riddles...
  19. We all know I'm a redneck and a hick.
  20. No, never, the only thing a gun was made for is killing, and since killing is illegal, allowing them will only make people break the law, USA already has the biggest murder count per year is the whole world, allowing that would make it worse (is it already allowed?).

    Guns should be used ONLY by the police, the military, and other forces of the law, not civilians.
  21. In that case, the government and criminals would all be toting guns and the law-abiding populace would have no way to defend itself.
  22. And how would the criminals be getting their guns tell me? You dont need to "defend" yourself if theres nothing to defend yourself from.
  23. The illegal arms market.
  24. How come no other developped country has such problem?
  25. No other developed country has an illegal arms market?

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