should be better

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 456M GT Scaglietti' started by FireBird175, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. the 0-60 aint to good for ferrari and the topspeed aint to good either,i just dont think ferrari should do family cars then they wont be as desireable
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    this car should have been in gone in 60 sec
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    First off, this isn't a family car -- it can carry 4 people, but it's ultimately a Gran Tourismo car. Second, the 0-60 is kinda sluggish, but it's hardly slow in the big picture.
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    if i want a car that can seat 4, no, 5 people, has an great 0-60 time, and works as a family car, i'll go for the Impreza WRX, thank you, and buy a house with the money I save...

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