Should Canada arrest GWBush?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BP, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. According to my government he isn't, and since you think that my government's approval of your visa means you arn't a criminal I guess it means Bush isn't either.
  2. If Homero can give me what international laws Bush has violated directly I will give him a cookie.

    Be ready to prove that Bush actually gave the orders for the event to happen.
  3. Read the first post, dumbass.
  4. You better leave my country fast once you get here.
  5. Like they gained Iraq over a year ago?
  6. you have no point because that was never the point
  7. When have I #%[email protected]? Please show me. This happens all the time, you guys say I do or say something constantly, and it never surfaces does it? Go back to the drawing board. Or more likely, your couch.
  8. no you are right, ive seen u #%[email protected] about Bush but im not going to waste my time trying to find every thread u posted in
  9. That would kick ass...
  10. no it wouldnt cause your ass would get drafted to save him and u wouldnt have anywhere to go
  11. Bahahahaha, this coming from you. Thats all you do is #%[email protected] about the US and your natural resources.

    I "wine" like a rich kid, about what huh? I'd love to hear this.
  12. Who here thinks I could get the US immigration department to revoke this visa?

    Who here wants me to try?
  13. Drafted... lol, there would be no war aganst Canada. I am sure even if Bush is arested, the US would get him back withen a few days.
  14. under extreme economic and military pressure
  15. and...
  16. Probobly... it would be a conundrum of epic proportions.
  17. I can't believe that some of you idiots are thinking that this has a remote chance of possibly being considered. First of all, how in the #$%# would Canadian police even come near the President? The Secret Service don't just wait at the border for him to come back. I don't give a shit how good you think the cops are in Canada (hint: they're nothing special), they don't exactly come close to the Secret Service. And let's just say that somehow you did manage to arrest him. Do you really think that Cheney would not authorize the military to go get him out within 15 minutes? It probably wouldn't be a very difficult negotiation. We'd just kindly let Martin know that if Bush wasn't on a plane out of there with one hell of a nice parting gift (Ontario, for example) within ten minutes, there would be about seventeen very angry cruise missiles coming in his front door.
  18. That's a pretty shitty law, but of course, it doesn't matter. Canada doesn't have the power to capture and try a world leader, but if they did, they shouldn't be able to try them under their own laws in their own trial system.

    Even the US doesn't do that.
  19. its called Diplomatic Immunity
  20. That would be really stupid. Canada would never do that...
  21. No, they wouldn't. But some people are taking this a little too seriously.
  22. because some people would love to see it, and others would love to declare arbitrary war on Canada. woo hoo...
  23. Canada is a bigass 51st state

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