Should Canada arrest GWBush?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BP, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. Oooooooooh, do it! I wanna see Canada turn into a giant parking lot.
  2. I would put him in jail with Martha Stewart.
  3. The US would realize they're better off, and elect the Terminator himself.
  4. lol, this pothead just never stops. Keep it comin Plato.
  5. What the #$%# is that supposed to mean?
  6. Bush has hardcore diplomatic immunity. I wouldn't be opposed to killing him if we could get away with it tho...
  7. im sure a few of us here would kill you also if we could get away with it
  8. Yes, I'm thinking world leaders in general have "hardcore diplomatic immunity".
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  10. If we follow the number 1 rule of removing a head of state I doubt it would happen.

    You always have to cut a deal with the next in line.
  11. Because Dick Cheney would cut a deal with Canada?

    I doubt it.
  12. His friend Bribey would help him...This thread is stupid and or hypotheticaly useless, or something like that. I'm just playing around here.
  13. So am I, but Cheney is loaded, he wouldn't fall to bribery.
  14. Which part?

    Note that your statement was pretty much #%[email protected] again about the US.
  15. How? I'd love to know your theory.
  16. Hahaha, and rich people give away their money too, right? No, they don't. Rich people want money more than most non-rich people, its an addiction, and yes he would love to have the company of Mr. Bribey and sure has many times.
  17. Forget Ontario, give us British Columbia, its the prettiest part of Canada.
  18. I'd like to see them give it a shot. It'd be hilarious.
  19. All the drug lords would be pretty pissed off, not to mention everyone else... well probably less pissed off people, more people shooting your guys. BC is probably the most anti-American part of Canada and the people have already been hardened by the robbing of our money by the feds.

    Either way- a US invasion of Canada would result in a US civil war...
  20. Yeah, because we'd split up Canada into the 51st through 56th states, and the Canadians left there would try and fight back.
  21. a civil war? people may hate bush but i gaurentee they wouldnt put up with that shit
  22. What theory? You just had to take a jab at the US again and say that you'd be fine with losing a part of your country because apparently they act like us.

    Because you felt the need to pull US behavior into this out of nowhere you are infact #%[email protected] about the behavior of US citizens.

    Now, because you never answered, point out where I constantly "#%[email protected] like a #$%#ing rich kid". Because you won't be able to find any of this I'll skip a post or two and make my conclusion that you're still a dumbass.

    Try try again Plato.
  23. And why do you think that Plato? Do you really think that the US is that divided over Canadian relations?

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