Should I buy a Prius?

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  1. So I wrote off my car, and need a new one fast. Should I buy a Prius? They seem alright. I don't have a lot of money to spend, so it seems like a good option. My other options were a Nissan Navara (to take offroad and to help with my home renovations) or a Honda CRV.
  2. Buy a Navara. I think that is a better and cheaper car to own.
  3. yes, fits the personality of smugness
  4. So a compactish hybrid, a pickup, and a small SUV.

    Very comparable vehicles.
  5. Ford F250 Powestroke Duramax
  6. Wanna get powerstroked
  7. Whilst the "they're not as economical as you think" argument does exist, I still managed to frequently get 60mpg (50mpg US) out of a mk2 Prius so they can be pretty economical if you know how to use the technology to your advantage.

    They have a foot-operated "handbrake", but I still managed a handbrake turn in a wet carpark. Probably the only person in history to have even thought it was possible.

    They're crap cars for people who give no shits about cars. Do not get one.
  8. The only real option is a Ford Mustang 5.0 GT.
  9. Make sure it's the 6.0L PowerStroke.
  10. Haha! Wasn't it burner who made fun of cars that are commonly used as taxis?

    Anyway, the local taxi drivers love the Prius, so it's probably a good car
  11. Yeah, don't really know what to get. Basically have limited my budget to $16k ish. These seem like the best cars available at that price point second hand. I can get current Prius, the last Navara with an auto diesel or the last CRV auto. The Prius and CRV would have the least kms (by about half).
  12. Dont buy a Navara. Terrible. Especially for inner Melbourne. There is nothing comfortable about them at all.
  13. Big Robtion

    Golf diesel
  14. Not even the D40?
  15. yeah if you're a #%$ and wear Birkenstocks buy a Prius hahah

    no but seriously you shouldn't.... if you want something that is reliable and gets phenominal gas mileage, get a VW diesel golf or jetta pre 2007

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    Foot e-brakes can work as long as they have a manual release lol. GM makes too many that are push to set then push again to release, those don't work so well for sliding when they stay engaged.

    Here's a proper review for you on the Prius:
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    Ya the Prius was a two-push ratchet thing so it was quite difficult. Still managed it though!

    Knew that was going to be Regular Cars before I clicked. +1
  18. No it's ugly and has a weird interior. CMG HATES the Prius.
  19. *pre 2004 or *post 2010
  20. Has to be auto, and is it worth the DSG potential problems? A new gearbox installed could cost the same as the whole car.
  21. I am just reminded of that South Park episode when everyone gets hybrids, and the amount of smugness generated threatens humanity as we know it.
  22. I want you to buy a car that's so unreliable it catches fire the second you sit in it.

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