Should i buy these here wheels?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Archaeopteryx, May 28, 2013.

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    To put on the BMW E30 (white, all stock with factory lowered suspension).

    He's asking like $1100 for NOS wheels without tyres. This is probably the only set in Norway, perhaps even Europe.

    These are turbo wheels which means they are directional and cool the brakes with airflow (not that I really need that on road wheels). They are 15x6.5s, so they are smaller than what I'd really like (16x7/8s). But I am willing to forgive them on account of how different they look. I think they may be kind of polarising though.

    "Do you think this is a car forum or something?" There now that's out of the way already. If you care enough to drop a comment I'd appreciate your input.
  2. just wiat for the size you really want
  3. Not really a fan
  4. I like them, don't know if they would work on your car, atleast with the center cap
  5. ugh god no

    -e- Linea Sport Turbofins, complete with the rare "Utmost" racing saucers. This is it.
  6. Laughing so hard at this.
  7. Really really ugly imo
  9. cool as #$%#, just not on an E30.

    get some old BBS rims instead
  10. I'd get them if it were me. But if you want different sizes something better will come along eventually.
  11. i like anything turbo wheeld
  12. i voted maybe. dunno where my post went.

    i would want to see a pic of them on a car before saying yes or no. its probably the case that they only look good on certain cars or when your car is a certain color. there are a few pictures on google images, but none of them mounted on a car, so you may well be the first.
  13. Not getting BBS. Everyone has them on E30s (real and fake).

    I have been trying to find a decent set of Alpinas (genuine ones) or Hartges for years, but have not been able to get a hold of any. They are either overpriced, kerbed to all hell, bent to all hell, missing centercaps, or all of the above. I found one set that would have been perfect (extremely rare 3-piece Hartges) but I was outbid.
  14. Yeah, I think I have to make a photoshop to decide. I'm really unsure. I think they look fantastic without tyres and not on a car, but I definitely agree that it will depend on the car. The E30 is a pre-facelift and has chrome trims on the bumpers, rub strips, and around the windows. I don't think that bodes well.
  15. these only come in this size... so I would have to get other wheels

    they're exactly the same diameter and width and +1mm offset to the SSR MK3s that I just put on my MGB.

    Also, did I mention these have variable PCD? pretty much the coolest thing ever, you can adjust it between 4x100, 4x110 and 4x114.3 so I could put them on my MGB too. Although the MGB has much more chrome and it would probably look weird as hell.
  16. they might look too rounded for a square ish looking bmw ...

    photoshop them for sure but I would say too many things leaning towards no ...
  17. Yeah, I find them pretty hideous. Especially those rounded center caps.
  18. There's a reason why everyone has them.
  19. Just looked them up - quite cool with the PCD thing. Wasn't able to find a pic of these on ANY car though, let alone E30. Something tells me it won't look too good though.
  20. photoshops: i have to stop looking at these now otherwise i will start thinking they look good rather than just weird and awkward.

    i wasn't real careful when resizing them though so these might be closer to 16s than 15s. not sure. hmmmmm..
  21. Looks tacky IMO.
  22. Those wheels are so awesome.
    Just not on that car.
  23. Rare wheels +1

    But those would only work if you were stetched and poked

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