Should I get a VW GTI??

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Caparo T1 pwns all, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Powershifting > everything
  3. Yes, you can read. Dumbass
  4. I feel so sorry for you
  5. I feel so sorry for you
  6. Honestly i would get the GTI over the mspd3 if you want the german fit & finish, refinment, daily driving etc.. imo its just a nicer car.

    If all you care about is ripping people in a straight line i would get the mspd3

    An uptronic chip will give you 250 whp in a gti so the power diff cna be made up w/ little work.

    but for 25k usd you're in a whole diff market; bmw, 350z, g35, s2000, sti, evo etc.. but at 17 those probably are a real bad idea however because high power cars and teenagers dont go well together.

    for 25k you have a LOT of options so take you're time, do reasearch, narrow down you're results (unless you're set on gti or the mazda)
  7. I drove the GTI then went for the Mazda 3, cheaper and better.

    Of course not as much oomph, stfu fanbois.
  8. I have a GTI. Other than the brakes it's good. I'm from Spain and here everybody have a GTI, if you like to have something that you don't see everyday you must buy the Astra OPC or the Megane RS.

    Don't think it's raw, I used to have a Clio Sport 172 and was way better for the type of roads I like to go.
  9. 200 HP is way to much for normal 17 years old-but yes,the GTI is a good choice!

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