Should I shave?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by PandaBeat, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. u kall ma HOE a BIAtoch!? You mo#$%#ing mo #$%#er! Bezt shizz u cood scor is sumfin lIk3 rozie odonall!
  2. Im nut calling yo' hoe beeotch, I callin YOU beeotch...BEEEOTCH! just like yo mammy.
  3. i !z #$%#en nobodeez biatCh! You shixx #%$rox mafa juterfruit sprtler WiTh da hIllY!
  4. Damnit.Can't people stop to use this f*ckin horrible ghetto language???I have already a headache by seeing words with f*cked up spelling.
  5. i made ya muh ma #$%#in beeotch already, ya salad tosser roo #$%#er and shit.
  6. Your panda is more famous then amenasce's enzo. It;s funny
  7. haha!!

    just say it exacly how its spelt.

    do it in real life, and watch your friends disown you.
  8. shut yo shiat ya robot, jet play wiff ya external modemm yo beeotch brace yourself foo'!
  9. WHA? theres uh kid wiff uh ENZO? uh FARRARI ENZO? SHIAT! DAWG! ah seen one at SEMA custmized by da niggas fro WCC... ay yo shure? sho 'nuff!
  10. Where do you live?
  11. Please do me a favor shut the f*ck up and stop typing like this.Understand?
  12. you've go tot stick it out!...till the end bro!

    for the power of HONK!
  13. Shave your balls.
  14. It isn't that bad.

    Or so I've heard.
  15. its worth it.
  16. This thread is awesome. I love The Drift Pimp... please keeep posting...

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