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  1. up my low mileage 305 with some cheap speed parts, or search for a junkyard 455, and put in a new cam/intake and such to swap in my 1978 cutlass? I'm gonna have to rebuild the 305 soon, and am considering a 455 as an easy way to get the power I want, around 350-375.

    I'm also not sure if it would fit and what work would need to be done to shove a 455 in.

    And please, don't suggest something different unless it is extremely cheap and relatively common.
  2. Those 305s are soooo weak.. Just find a 350 Chevy somewhere and toss it in, always the cheapest/easiest option.
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  4. Go with a 383 shortblock crate and vortec heads, the machine work/rebuild kit on that 305 will cost almost as much. I really want to slap somone when the rebuild a boat ancor
  5. 305 **shiver**

    go for the 455
  6. yeah thats gonna be cheap. Still way outta my price range. You gotta think. I'm a semi-part-time employee, and i dont have much to spend
  7. You could just buy a 350 or 383 for dick off craigslist or ebay, or go that same route with a 455. Did they come with 455s in that generation stock at all? If so I imagine that would make it easier. If not a SBC might be the best way to go. If you can get a 455 in there, you should be able to hit your power goals with little more than intake, headers, cam, exhaust. That might actually give you MORE power than you're looking for.
  8. your car is setup to take an Olds motor
    you'll just need a $13 set of Olds motor mounts, the holes are already in your frame for them
    you may already have a dual bolt pattern trans allowing the 455 to slide right in without any changes
    it's a couple extra bucks to rebuild a 455 but it's money well spent
    if your realy strapped for cash just do a straight rebuild and wait untill later to get the intake, headers, ect

    whatever you do, don't spend over $50 on anything for a 305, the whole motor isn't worth that much

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