Should not be GT40!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in '2002 Ford GT40 Concept' started by Gamer55, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. I saw this little article in road and track and they said Ford was talking about calling it GT44 (its 44 inches tall) but it probably wont be called GT44 because that sounds gay and they will have to go with GT40.
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    I think they are just sticking to Ford GT (no number behind it). They want to give their brand a good racing/sporty image and the original GT prototypes of the 60's were just designated Ford GT.
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    Thats rite.
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    why would anybody say gt44 that is really gay
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    It is gona be called the GT550 (for the horsepower), in some way, i think it is a shameful tribute to the original but that only tells you how good the original one was in its day...
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    i heard it was just going to be Ford GT for legal reasons.
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    You're right. Back when it came out long ago, they apparently were in such a hurry to produce it, they never got the rights to the name GT40. Apparently some guy who builds performance parts for these has the rights to the name, and for a cool $40,000,000 he would let Ford use it, so obviously it will not be called Ford GT40. It will simply be the Ford GT. No matter to me, they could call it the Ford Butterfly and I'd still want one.
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    there you go ^ that is right all the way. They don't have rights to use the name. no they're not gonna call it the gt44 or anything with a number. Its just the Ford Gt
  9. IT LIVES!

    I love this car! viper GTS or this?
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    Neither they both suck~!

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    definitely the gt40. no doubt.
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    The GT, definitely. Dutch AutoVisie tested a prototype, with a weaker engine than the production model, and even then, the Viper couldn't keep up with it. So with the stronger production engine, the Viper will be no problem.
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    Although Ford is already decided on naming the new car the GT, how hard could it be to take a couple inches off the height? Here are some suggestions:
    1: Lower the ride height
    2: Take some thickness of the seat so that they can lower the roofline
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    1: The Gt has to cross speed bumbs and go up driveways. It can't scrape along the ground like a race car.

    2: It has to be possible for people to get in and out, and lowering the already low roofline certainly won't help this. Also, those seat will be pretty thin and uncomfortable to begin with. No need making it worse.
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    I agree in everyway. The only problem I have with this is when I talk to people and say "Ford GT" they usually think "Mustang GT"
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    Um... if you think this sucks because it's "domestic", think again... The original GT40 that this is based on was designed by British. So it's not all American.
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    Also here in australia Ford Aust. made a series of Gt models starting with the XR, XT, XW, XY, XA, XB, XC and then a two special editions in 1992 EB GT and the 50th annerversary EL GT, and now Ford Australia are bringing out the 2003 BA GT, which are being built by FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles). Oh yeah the XR GT was made about the same time as the original Ford GT40. Which is about 1960.

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