should of put a big block in

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  1. they take all these styling cues from the original mach 1 but they forgot the key ingrediant of all muscle cars of that time period. The big block is replaced with a 280 cubic inch V8 when it should have a 428 Cobra Jet V8 or at least the 351 V8. Ford should learn if your not gonna do it right then don't do it at all!
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    this car is to small to have abig block the biggest this cars engine in the new one are a 302 and that will have like 350 horse power
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    yeah just like they need a bigger engine in the XR8.
    By the way, a lot of testing goes into thoses cars like the 5L engine in the XR8 is better then the 5.8L they could have put into it, a bigger engine doesnt nessarcily mean a faster car, even for muscle cars, yes i understand what ur saying a muscle car should have big muscle but still, if u get better efficency, speed and hp y bother?

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    it would be nice to have a big block in it but its just as good to have 280 in it because they can beat most big blocks in the 1\4mile. Big blocks have the advantage when it comes to top end racing
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    the 4.6 can actually beat a lot of the old big block musclecars most of the 70's bigblocks run in the mid 14's stock, the new stang gt w/260hp runs about 14 flat, i heard.
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    big block muscle cars weren't designed to go round corners ;)

    boss 302's however...

    unless they do a full retro tech style stang (like they've done with the GT40...) i'd rather they didn't pin legendary names to plastic fantastic cars ;\

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