should the government be involved in marriage?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by FerrariAKL, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. First off, this is NOT a debate for or against gay marriage. I am posing the question whether you think that local, state, or national governments should have something to do with marriage or if they should simply not touch it at all.
  2. yeah, they should be involved to give the tax incentives or whatever, as well as actually deal the marriage liscence because it is a legal binding.
  4. Other than the license, no. The government has zero concern with marriage, it's a waste of their time and my money.
  5. Yes, because they should be involved in the legalities of it, but not on who marries who. As long as your human and you're in love with another human being you should be able to get married.
  6. i agree with that, but that technically is an entanglement.

    i think they should have no real stance on it outside of providing the liscence.

    if you wanted to, i think you should be allowed to get married to a damn fence post
  7. No. They should merely legalize civil unions, much like a couple can adopt a child. Leave the word "marriage" to religions. It's the simple way to solve the retarded same-sex marriage controversy.
  8. A simple way to solve that is to just have everything be called marriage. That's all the gays want, instead of being called a civil union they want to be called married. Who gives a shit? Does 2 dykes marrying each other make my potential marriage any less special? Not in the least.
  9. That's the good answer.
  10. I don't see why they should, but so long as they do it should be equal...
  12. Why do they need to liscense relationships of any kind?
  13. for tax purposes and entitlements and shit like that.
  14. Why do "married" people merit different taxes, entitlements, etc. than other people?
  15. any couple does. I dont know why it just makes things easier since unions are a semi-permanent thing. even gsay couples shoulsd be entitled to the benefits, I just dont think the govt has any right to call it "marriage" on any document. Thats up to religion to decide.

  16. They should ban all marriage to piss off christians.
  17. "I don't know why." Exactly.

    Just like the institution of legistlated marriage, legal discrimination between "married" and unmarried people is an anachronistic holdover from days long past...
  18. Because then it encourages people to marry, thats the idea behind any tax break, to encourage a behavoir.
  19. And why should the government do that?

    None of it makes any sense. The whole notion of marriage/unions should ideally be totally expunged from the law.
  20. I certainly don't think so, but a lot of America does. That's why my solution is the most reasonable one (at least in America), because it's the only solution that has a chance of making everyone happy.
  22. Definitely not!
  23. wait wait wait....

    are you serious?

    this is the last thing i would expect you to say.

    so, to get this straight, you dont think the government should be allowed to stop gay marraige?

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