Should the U.S. invade Iran?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by DownwardSpiral, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. What I don't understand is why we don't just offer Canada the ability to become a state in the Union. That would allow our foreign oil dependence to drop, and give us needed fresh water.
  2. I'd invade Iran if they told me to.
  3. Because you know, Iran has a history of political stability and competent, intelligent leadership, they'd be perfectly fine with nuclear weapons. Oh wait...
  4. Isreal should attack them.
  5. People who have the impression that we can fight a war from the skies alone are mislead by the technology. You need an army on the ground to hold land otherwise you end up with a situation like after the first Gulf War when we just left. The people in power will go back to their old ways. Do you think that they are scared by our bombs?

    All that being said, an attack should not be made. We need to get other things sorted out thats are more important than starting another war.
  6. unless, you just drop some atomic bombs and wipe it all out.

    but I agree, the US should not get involved in this.
  7. Yea, lets go start the nuclear holocaust that we say we would be trying to prevent by doing so.
  8. I didnt say the US should drop atomic bombs.
  9. I don't agree with attacking them any more than you do. However, we're not trying to overthrow the government and free the people like we claim to be doing in Iraq. That necessitates ground forces. Getting rid of nuclear facilities shouldn't.
  10. Definitely true, but thats not to say we couldn't just keep setting back their nuclear program back.
  11. Yes, we could do that. That's about all air strikes alone will do. Add a few speed bumps, albeit quite large ones.
  12. It could go on indefinatly too, so long as they didn't get cute and put their stuff in civilians areas.
  13. And you know, the US has a history of policing the planet. #$%# off.
  14. then you better hope they dont start attacking our allies, lest you sound silly.
  15. Because it's our fault that other countries don't like to play nice.
  16. I am ah hahahahahaha
  17. Until they do, they're no more deserving of invasion than the US. This invasion shit got out of hand long ago. Unless someone else swings first, Americans should stay in America. And you wonder why everyone on this planet hates your government. #$%#ing hypocrites.
  18. When does the US play nice? See something you like, you go take it. See something you don't like, #$%#ing flatten the nation. You're getting your dues, man.

    Most of it is thanks to your Ghengis Khan and his pet monkey, sitting in the white house.
  19. stop sounding like an idiot. we're not going to invade unless they did what i just said.
  20. Yeah, and it's time to bring out our 400 other B-52s sitting in mothballs.
  21. I think the US need to stop trying to rule the world before it backfires in their face.
  22. We don't even have that many in mothballs. They hacked them to pieces at AMARC for the scrap aluminum in the early '90s, thanks to the START I treaty.

    Hell, Rumsfeld just ordered the Air Force to cut all but 58 B-52s, down from the current 94.
  23. Iran would hang you without trial if you went there you know...
  24. I've read this story before.
  25. People are forgetting that nobody in power is suggesting that we actually go in and directly overthrow the Iranian regime. All the US, UK, etc want to do is stop their nuke program.

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