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Discussion in '1983 Ford Mustang SVO' started by 865point0mustang, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. don't get me wrong but i dont think this car should be here. yeah i was pretty nice in its day but a gt of the same year could easily beat it. and the gt was cheaper.a later fox 3 mustang should be in its place such as one of the 86-93 gts.
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    I don't know if a GT at this time could beat this car. This car has around the same HP and torque and it doesn't have a heavier 5L engine so it would be lighter than a GT but hey i've never even seen one of these cars in person so I guess we'll never know.
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    no a gt would beat a straight line but im not sure about a road corse..these things handle very well from what ive heard
    but thats not the point..
    it should be on here because it was one of the first times an american company used a turbo and the outcome was actually good..even though it was on a 4 banger
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    These cars actually would beat a GT of the same year. They also came from the factory with Koni suspension, Hurst shifter, etc. But when they were new, they also cost about 3000 dollars more than a loaded GT (remember, this was in th 80's. 3 grand was a lot of money then)

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