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  1. ok, for once, can everybody agree on one thing here? nobody say another damn word about how this or any other car looks...some people think it looks like shit and other people think it looks like the greatest car on the planet...personally, i'm not a big fan of the styling, but that's just my's annoying as hell when you retards say that one of the bad points about the car is how it looks...that's your opinion and there is nothing that you can say to prove your can argue all you want about the engine, handling, price, and whatever else you want, because there are actual numbers that you can get to back up whatever you're saying...just shut up about the looks because it's not something that can be argued.

    and for my personal opinion about the a general rule, i don't like pontiacs very much, but 540 hp is definitely respectable...but i think they should have left it with the 540 hp and not put that stupid ass nitrous system on it...just makes it into a stupid-ass, "fast and the furious" wannabe.
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    your right but i bet that this wannabe beats the shit out of all of those fast and the furious cars, except maybe the charger. Dont believe me go to and check out the actua quarter times, they list them and they are slow as shit. Except for the charger<!-- Signature -->
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    when i said it was a "fast and the furious" wannabe, i meant that as an insult to the movie...i hate any car that needs nitrous to make it go's a cheater's way to go and it blows the shit out of your engine after like 3 shots.

    if they left the nitrous out of this thing, i'd take it over any one of the cars in the movie, except for the charger
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    i was just checking, i believe that nitrous is the cheaters way as well, and you are right the TA would beat the shit our of any vehicle of the move except the charger, with out the nitrous.<!-- Signature -->
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    That's because you live in the past.
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    shut up you loser <!-- Signature -->

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