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  1. Sure its not THAT great, the srtipes suck and the rims too, but keep in mind its a convertable, Dodge has only been building supercars for 10 years, and its great for $58,000.
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    You've got a point there...but I fail to see it.
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    Um, 10 years?

    1966 Dodge Charger 426 Hemi
    1969 Dodge Daytona
    1970 Plymouth 426 Hemi Cuda
    1970 Plymouth Superbird

    And all FOUR were better than even the newest, fastest Viper.
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    You'll never beat the VTEC Viper!!!
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    O yeah, the muscle car era passed my mind. Yea, dodge had ruled then, wheres the Super Bee at? And the 10 years I was talking about was the newer gen cars sorry I didn't make myself clear.
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    The point is, its a good car for the money you cough up.
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    Um, no it isn't. Let's do $/HP math <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    This Viper: $58,500/415HP=$140.96/HP

    That means you pay $141 for a single HP. Now, let's do the math on my custom car.

    RB260Z (hehe, my name for it): approx $14,500/330HP=$43.94

    THAT means that I paid about $43.94 per HP in a CUSTOM car! I understand that I bought a junked car and restored it, along with an engine that wasn't designed with a car, but this is a near STOCK (suspension: coilovers, strut braces, anti-roll cage are the only modifications other than engine parts) car with a COMPLETELY stock VspecII motor. Excellent handling and good HP/weight (about 330HP/1900lbs) compared to the Viper (415/3500lbs).

    Point being, you can build a better car with less money faster than you can save up enough to afford a Viper.

    And the Superbee was just a Charger with a custom color combination.
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    This Viper will run rings around them, although it might have a tough time beating them in a straight line. While meeting MUCH more stringent safety and emissions regulations.
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    BTW, is this your car?
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    Well, we can confidently knock the 1970 Hemicuda out of contention. Take a look below at a comparo between the Viper GTS and the old Plymouth. Good god, the Viper works that car in the salom and in the braking zones.

    FWIW, R&T's 415-hp Viper RT/10 tested 11/95 got these figures:
    0-60: 4.6
    1/4 mile: 12.9
    60-0: 136'
    Top speed: 170 mph
    Lateral G: 0.96g (vs. 0.97g for the first GTS they tested)
    Slalom: 62.0 mph (63.5)
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    excuse me mr. vtec10 viper but about your one-of-a-kind viper...why haven't i seen this in any mags or on i mean, the hennessy or stryker viper are."I've got a 1997 Viper. I had the machine shop frankenstein it with S2000 heads" well an s2000 is a 4 banger, so how would that head fit a viper? anyway if you have this viper, which im sure you do, you should post some pictures of it.
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    Stock, Fucker
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    You didn't include how long it took you to build it..

    As the saying goes: "time is money"

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