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    What are you talking about? it took the competiton almost 4 years to top the M5. Those 4 years, filled with failed after failure. The M5 still wins because it quoted as "more fun".
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    Yes, let's not forget that it's taken everyone else years to come up with a serious rival to the M5, just in time for the next M5 to be announced.

    Also, can we all please stop getting abusive about subjects which you know nothing about? I own both a BMW 540i (which the M5 is based on)and a Vauxhall Senator 3.0 (which the Lotus Carlton is based on) and they're both big, comfortable saloon cars. The 5er is actually the smaller of the two.

    The Senator, made in 1991, can outrun 90% of the cars on the German autobahn (I've tried this.) The 540 can outrun 98% of them (I've tried this too.) The 540 is limited to 250km/h, and believe me, even in Germany this is fast enough. It's great to waffle on about over-powered loonywagons that need a B-52 airfield to hit their top speed on; in real life, on a road for example, an M5 will outrun almost ANYTHING.

    If all you know about cars comes from GT3 (which is a GAME) and Fast & Furious (which is NOT TRUE!) then SHUT UP ABOUT REAL CARS!
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    Mercedes makes some pretty hot cars. watch what you're saying.
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    I'm a BMW guy myself and I have to agree... MB does make pretty hot lookin cars.
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    Listen my Brother has owned them and so has everyone else. So typical always the same. And if you think your M5 is fast ha. Quote from a well know auto magazine. "We decided to race an 8 year old Lotus Carlton vs a 2001 BMW M5." "By 100mph the lotus was 10 car lengths a head."

    You're an idiot , comparing a opel(lotus motor) to a BMW for one . second , if you put turbochargers in the M5 it would probably rip that opel/lotus piece of shit to shreds (remember this is N/A unlike the opel/lotus , rs6 and amg's). Third , how can you say that everyone has owned this and that they always look the same , seen the new designs lately ? BMW is the only one who isn't affraid of change unlike all the look-a-like mercs and audi's . I will pick this over any lotus and defenitely over any opel and I wouldn't care if you would pass me in your piece of shit opel cos i'm in one of the best engineerd driving cars in the world with 100 times more class as the carlton .
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    Not another moron comparing a 5-seat saloon with a Corvette.

    All right pinhead, here are the facts.

    An M5 will outperform most Corvettes (not a word about the Z06).

    The M5 does not have shoddy GM build quality.

    My BMW 540 will carry myself, girlfriend, children and luggage in comfort and safety for long distances at high speed. The M5 does exactly the same, but faster. The Corvette cannot do this. No, not even the Z06.

    People buy sports saloons like the 330, 540, M3, M5, RS6 and so on because they need a practical car but enjoy high performance. A Corvette would be no bloody use to me because I need back seats and luggage space, so even if I had the fastest Z06 in the whole world I'd need a saloon car as well and I can't afford that. Most owners of M5s are probably in the same situation as me. So will you idiots FOR F**K'S SAKE stop comparing two completely different types of bloody cars? If you want to compare the M5 with a GM product pick one of their big saloons. Then I'll get a laugh.

    Also, people basing their opinion of a car on what it looks like from their child seat in the back does not carry much weight with me. I'd rather hear about a vehicle's handling from someone who's actually old enough to drive it.
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    You people need to get over BMW's. If there were no people in world tryin to make themselves appear powerful and cool BMW would be out of bisnuiss. Yeah they have nice enteriors and decent engines, but here is the thing. Anyone who ownes a BMW in the United States doesn't understand the car. They were designed for use un Europe ( have been there), the speed limits are much higher there than in the US. When u drive a by at low speeds and low end acceleration, the engine gets carbon buildup in various parts. Eventually that causes the tranny, pistons, ABS, coils, pressure release valves, and most moving parts to deteriorate. Next, BMW's with decent preformance cost an ungodly amount for what u are actually getting. Don;t give me this "BMW engines are the mast technologicly advanced in the world" crap. Whoop de do if they are. The thing is there are Japanese cars with better preformance, lower prices, and MUCH more reliable engines. Moving on, name one top of the line BMW designed and/or moddified for civilian use that can beat a top of the line modified single or twin turbo Supra. The bottom line is there isnt. If u did find one, the price ratio between the two would be huge. I know this website does not have every model from every company but if u look at the lists the only list that BMW appears on is Price. No topspeed and no 0-60. I know that the average supra weighs about 3400 pounds, im not shure what the m5 is but it can not be much more. Therefore don;t give me the M5 is a 'delux' car and can't win cause it weighs more. I rest my case, need you firther persuasion visit and look and what u can get for the same price of a bmw u are lookin at 2-3 times the horsepower for the same price as the nicest production street m5.
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    How can a 1989 Lotus Carlton/Omega be 10 car lengths ahead, or even BE ahead for that matter, a 2001 BMW M5 at 100 mph when the 0-60 mph for the Lotus is 5.4 sec and 4.8 sec for the BMW? That just doesn't make sense. What did the testers do, take a crowbar to the Beamer's engine first? Give me a break.
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    I noticed a flaw in what I wrote. I would assume that they took a 1993 Lotus Carlton vs. a 2001 BMW M5. But still, in 4 years did the 0-60 mph go from 5.4 sec to 4.2 sec or something? I find that hard to believe. I still say the testers took a crowbar to the BMW's engine. HAH HAH HAH HAH!
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    well they do make the most advanced cars and engines out there but go too much on comfort if u make a sports car make it feel sporty and really except for a few models most of them look alike a lot they all have higher air drag coefficients slows them down in high speed winds as compared to sleeker corvettes and lotus models ....
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    dude im like stoned at the moment and ive been staring at your avatar for like 20 minutes what the fuc* is it man??is that tiger alright??
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    so they have lots of hp.......bfd......they can't handle for sh1t and to get the powere they have to be pussies and supercharge it....and not the e55 won't have a 6 speed.......and if they ever did....i really hope they don't make it anything like they used for the C class.......frickin horrible......gears not well defined and notchy. oh an btw....the 2005 M5 5.0L V10 with at least 500hp up to bout them apples.
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    wait. 5.5L my bad
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    First of all, C class is the lowest class in MB. That's why it suck beside the AMG models. MB uses supercharger. BMW doesn't. That's a big different of the two and I don't think one should compare to the other but if you talk about comfort and interior, MB wins for sure. Try siting on the new E class and you will know why.

    Again, don't compare the cheap C class especially the cheapest C coupe! I hate that piece of crap. It is for poor $hit who wants a MB but cannot affort it. MB should take it out once and for all. That thing embrass us the MB owners.
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    Heh... even embarasses former MB owners seeing Mercedes-Benz building the C-Class Coupe. I mean heck, a Hyundai Elantra has better build quality.

    Comfort/Interior.. that's debatable as its highly subjective. Considering the quality of materials and construction of the S/C/CL class relative to the rest of the class, I'd think BMW would have the upper hand.
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    MAN this is a really beautiful car. wish i had the money to buy one.

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