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  1. I'm sure some already know about this car being built in AUS, but I'd give everyone a taste that didn't know about it.

    It's called the Silhouette S40 for legal reasons but it's technically a guy's dream of owning a Ferrari F40 turned into an on-going operation to make a racing Ferrari F40.

    800HP Twin Turbo Lexus V8
    0 - 100kph: 3.27 secs
    0 - 150kph: 5.96 secs
    0 - 200kph: 9.18 secs
    0 - 250kph: 14.94 secs
    100-150kph: 2.78 secs
    100-200kph: 5.95 secs
    100-250kph: 11.76 secs
    150-200kph: 3.17 secs
    200-250kph: 5.76 secs
    Skidpad: 1.77Gs
    Braking: 1.5Gs
    Estimated 1/4: 10.5s @ 130.5mph
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  3. Can't wait to hear the engine on this thing
  4. HOLY SH!T!!!!!!!!!!! 1.77 gs on the skidpad!!!! And 1.5 gs in braking!!!!! got any slalom times?
  5. HOLY SH!T!!!!!!!!!!! 1.77 gs on the skidpad!!!! And 1.5 gs in braking!!!!! got any slalom times?
  6. HOLY SH!T!!!!!!!!!!! 1.77 gs on the skidpad!!!! And 1.5 gs in braking!!!!! got any slalom times?
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    No slalom scores for the car.

    And a correction it's not AUS but New Zealand built, the pricetag is 180k USD. Perfectly street legal but also a racing monster.

    Steel-tube spaceframe with steel floor and firewalls.

    Excerpt from article:

    Kiwi Power
    New Zealand's S40 Silhouette Merges Italian Design With a Toyota Engine

    By Mike Blake

    When a man from New Zealand has a dream car he can't afford as well as tenacity, talent, and a love of cars, an alternative is to build his own from scratch. That's what F40 Developments' Steve Cox did, and what emerged was an exciting new design, inspired by the F-40 and based on a new chassis...the S40 Silhouette. This is no's for sale in the South Pacific and here in the States, as well.

    To re-create Italian styling for this sports-race-street car, the Auckland native mocked up a shell, delicately balanced on boxes and drums, and then re-engineered new plugs to get the shut lines perfect. The chassis started as a bunch of tubes on a workshop floor but finished as a custom steel-tube space frame with steel floors and firewalls to meet New Zealand specs.

    F40 Developments created its own CNC-machined aluminum A-arms and uprights, and Cox installed custom ProFlex three-way adjustable shocks, Compomotove racing rims (17x10 up front and 17x13 behind), and Michelin tires (245/45/17s and 345/35/17s, respectively).

    The car weighs in at 2,200 pounds, and when propelled by its lusty 800hp 4L Toyota engine ('90-96), custom F40 Developments twin-throttle manifold, Air Research turbocharger with a 20-pound boost, Porsche X8 injector, Autronic Computer Management electronic ignition, and K&N X2 air cleaner, this flying Kiwi can top 200 mph. Also added were a ZF five-speed tranny, Toyota MR2 cam buckets, JE pistons, Oliver connecting rods, Iskenderian valve springs, Ferrera "wasted-stem" stainless steel valves, Griffin custom radiator, and Iconell stainless steel custom-fabricated exhaust system. The car is fully race prepared, has an 8,000-rpm limit, and pops out 675 lb-ft of torque at 6,800 rpm. For safety, Cox added Kings springs, AP racing brakes, and a Wilwood pedal assembly.

    The bodywork was done by F40 Developments, and the F40D fiberglass and carbon fiber/Kevlar shell was painted PPG Rosso Red. Hella headlights, Fiat taillights, and custom mirrors, door handles, and window glass make the look a classic one. The adjustable rear race wing is carbon fiber, though he offers a standard rear wing made of fiberglass. For that extra touch, the S40 badges are of a silver fern, an internationally recognized symbol of New Zealand. Inside, a custom F40 Developments carbon fiber dash, Motec ADL gauges, MOMO steering wheel, and F40D custom carbon seats and upholstery offer the same classy appearance.

    Cox has blazed down the quarter-mile in 10.5 seconds, with a top speed of 131 mph, and according to the builder, "This is a fantastic supercar. It can go faster than a McLaren F1 and handles superbly. I pull 1.77 g's in the corners and 1.5 g's under brakes and can go from 0-100 mph in 6.5 seconds. I love this car and I want to share it with America."

    Nice of him to share, awesome to see, and delicious to drive. Kiwi power, with Italian styling and a Japanese engine...nice combo...glad he shared his S40 Silhouette with us Yanks. KC

    link to article:
  8. And i bet because it is a kit car it would be really cheap insurance. Not sure but i heard about a guy who turned his mr2 into a 355 and he was paying practicaly nothing for insurance because it is classed as a kit car. That might have been on top gear im not sure.
    Anyway thats the good old kiwi ingenuity for you.
  9. ah i was about to say i thought it was NZ built. we aussies steal enough of their glory, and we should steal this too.

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