Silverado SS = fast!

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 2003 ss R, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Damn.... I can't believe how sexy my SS has become. I put a wing on it, some 18s, removed all of the decals, and a custom paint job. I had some guy driving a city bus stop in the middle of the road, get out, and ask me what kind of car it is. Heck one guy in his Porsche pulled up next to me and tried racing me, it looks that fast! Of course when I get my blown LS7 engine, I will be racing them Porsche's but for now it's just the Impreza WRXs and Mustangs.
  2. Where are them pics???!!!
  3. wtf is this
  5. I thought you were dead.
  6. Hi Adrian.
  8. Everytime I come back here, SCnet has become even weirder.
  9. Silverado SS = pretty gay, actually.
  11. I'd rather have some modded diesel Silverado with a shitload of torque
  13. Was it you that once said the Silverado SS was FWD and when it lost traction the AWD would kick in? lol dumbass

    "Spyder Moment"
  14. Who's Adrian? And Scorp, no, I did not say that. I said the AWD would help it with something.
  15. You did camero, you did
  16. You're not getting a LS7. Shut up.
  17. Man you're just jealous that you can't race "them Porsche's"
  18. It comes with 20 inch wheels. WHats with 18's?
  19. Smaller = cooler. I don't want giant wagon wheels on my truck. Also Scorp I said the AWD would help it launch with more traction.
  20. SS must mean "super stupid" because that's what you sound like. Must be one hell of a spoiler to scare off a Porsche.
  21. Syclones still faster, but you're still a #%$got, still got that #%$got two tone gay firebird you used to pick up tricks on the eastside with?
  23. no one cares of a blown pickup truck.
  24. Don't you get it? He's saving money for the blown LS7, so a camera is out of the question.
  25. Tell me more about the wing?

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