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Discussion in '1987 Porsche 959' started by FerrariF40NissanR390, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. This 959 along with the Ferrari F40, IMO, were the best cars of the eighties. Beautiful styling added with good power combined for two great cars that are still putting up good times against newer models.
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    This car deserves a place in automotive history. Move over Jaguar e-type.
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    This car had a lot of exposure, then it stopped all together. I think it needs some new exposure in magazines.
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    I like Porsches because they are great at getting power to the wheels. Compared to some supercars 335kw does not seem like a lot of power yet this car still has very impressive statistics.
  5. this is probably my favorite porsche
  6. Smooth, quick for its day, in essence, one of the greatest 80s cars in my opinion.
  7. fantastic taste in 80s supercars. The f40 is such a beautiful car. the 959 is just as equally gorgeous. amazing cars for their time.

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