since i came to europe 5 months ago

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by burner, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. I have
    broken my penis
    broken my hand
    smashed a scooter
    ripped apart my foot
    smashed some serious box
    suprisingly not contracted any STDs, despite a 70/30 ratio in favour of sans tarp
    seen an enzo, slr, CGT, Veyron, R8, and pretty much every single other rare car on the planer
    seen schumacher testing
    seen a ferrari prototype testing
    not cut my hair
    spent well over 1000 on phone bills
    been to countries i have barely heard of
    been ill once
    drunk $1000's in booze, litres and litres and litres
    suffered alcohol induced amnesia
    passed out on a toilet floor
    eaten some awesome food
    got my euro brown wings
    met some cool people
    met some dickheads
    eaten some disgusting food
    seen a dude probably die in a scooter accident
    rented 4 cars
    maxed them all out
  2. a penis as fragile as yours would be easy to break, especially if one of those burly german beer wenches got their hands on it.
  3. oh and lost 10kg
  4. got it in the ass while passed out
  5. all of this is lies, every last one
  6. And while not passed out.
  7. You probably shouldn't have listed the "broken my hand" statement directly after the "broken my penis" one.

    How are you paying for all the accomodation? From what I hear, western Europe is quite expensive. I'll be flying over next year and I think I'll need at least 10 grand saved up to last me 2 months.
  8. *austrian
  9. ZAP!
  10. "suffered alcohol induced amnesia"

    Didn't you used to say that this was impossible or something?
  12. I broke my hand in prague in a nightclub on a punching machine. I broke my penis in vienna punching something else.

    I pay for my accomodation with money
  13. daaaaamn. i'd imagine they go pretty hard-out lol.
  14. all on his parents money
  15. Thought it was till i did 20 shots, then a flaming lamborghini then woke up the next day butt naked wrapped around a hot white african girl with tatts over her, bite marks and hickeys over me, and 2 annoyed roommates abusing us.
  16. if only. I am down to 30% of my initial stash though
  17. haHA! Now you see the light/have truely rocked the #$%# out.
  18. Basically he's confirming that until reciently, at a grand age of somewhere in the mid-20, he's been a lightweight/pussy.
  19. So how much have you spent so far? You have been gone a few months now.

    I need an idea so I know how much to save up.
  20. hahaha zing
  21. depends what you wanna do.
  22. haha, you broke your penis. i hope that makes all women (men) in the future that pay witness to it will either snicker or shudder at the mere sight of it, because of that.
  23. not that they didn't before
  24. This is one of those typical things you read on the internet that you know isn't true.
  25. Translation:

    Burner has been kicked out of mom's house now and the only time he can go on the web now is when he gets to the library, and he made up this trip as an excuse/cover.

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