Since I had a nervous breakdown...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Enigma Lips, Dec 30, 2004.

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  2. Nervous breakdown? I thought it was a girly thing.
  3. I finally see the face in your avatar
  4. holy shit! its a face i always thought it was just a puddle of water or some shit
  5. you guys suck, it was so obvious.
  6. Hahah same
  7. I never saw it as anything other than a face.
  8. Sean Connery? Sorta looks like him
  9. I still love you.
  10. looks kinda like a zoomed up version of abe lincoln on the penny
  11. How did you give yourself a nervous breakdown, and what were the symptoms/effectS?
  12. Now that you mention it (in your sig) I want to go to Japan.
  13. Yeah sorta...
  14. Japanese aren't really pedophilic by nature, it's just that they can never really differentiate if a girl is 13 or 30, since women all look the same after age 10 over there.
  15. He had a B.F.
  16. No they just like young b*tches, and I don't blame 'em.

    see: schoolgirl fixation
  17. I didn't know Japs were incestuous though...
  18. I never noticed it was a face either!
  20. You guys are amazing. Not only did you fail to notice the most obvious image that has been here for a long time, you also succeeded to talk about it in a very fitting thread.
  21. So tell us about your drugs or nervous breakdown or both
  22. we try
  23. I didn't say there were pedos, but you are probably right.
    Wheelman = my hero.
  24. All asian women look young, except when they get old; then they look OLD
  25. LOL

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