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  1. Please tell me how to go from a 4 pack to a 6 pack. Prefarably workouts that I can do at home. Thanks.
  2. sit ups, running, etc.
  3. Proper diet.

    if you have a 4-pack means you still have some area that is , umm let's say; *a bit softer*. only proper diet with your work out will you get the results you want.

    What you eat affects the body dramatically.
    So no crap food and fried crap or junk food.
    Eat right and eat at the proper times.

    And ofcourse crunches, core ab work and strength training.
  4. I do apprx. 105 crunchies every other day and a three point bridge. Looks like I'll try and cut out junk which is hard with Christmas coming up.
  5. if you want to have a six pack you will have to be dedicated to the work outs and the diet. Lean meats, cut the sugars and the fats. Sugar you get in fruits either way.No pop or stuff high in sodium etc..

    One day a week you can have a choice of fave crap food & pop..

    CORE AB WORK and strength work. Extentions are also good with a plate. For back and abs, get a bit of butt work with it, as a two for one!
  6. you can also do different type of crunches, that will work diferent areas of your abs.
  7. I have an 8 pack and an abnormally large penis.
  8. Metabolism helps. I don't eat much junk-food, or sugar in general, but I do drink beer and am not overly commited to diet. Hanging leg raises are good to get those lower abs in shape, and cardio to help burn the fat.

    Probably the best compliment to an ab work out as far as cardio is concerned is a good 10-15 minutes a day going all out on a heavy bag, or if you don't have a heavy mag find a partner and do some milling.
  9. you dont want to cut out all fats, only the ones that are bad for you, such as saturated fats.
  10. and dont touch any sort of butter that is hydrogenated, that shit will mess you up essay
  11. go for seafood such as salmon to get your omega 3's up too

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