Six Italians Killed in Germany

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  1. Six Italians Killed in Duisburg

    Police on Wednesday discovered the scene of a mass slaying near the main train station in the city of Duisburg. The media is calling it one of the biggest mass murders in years.

    Police in the western German city of Duisburg discovered the bodies of five men who had been shot in the head near the city's central train station in the early hours of Wednesday morning. A sixth, gravely injured man died in an ambulance taking him to the hospital. The crime is being reported as one of the biggest murders in Germany in years.

    Police responded to an emergency call at 2:30 a.m. after a pedestrian who heard what she thought to be shots or fighting flagged down a police car.

    Police then discovered the bodies in two cars parked outside an Italian restaurant. They also found numerous gun cartridges at the scene of the crime.

    Officials have not released any of the names of the victims of the shooting -- a rare crime in Germany, which has strict gun control laws. Police also have no clues yet about the motive for the killing or any suspects. "There had to have been more than one perpetrator," Duisburg police spokesman Reinhard Pape said. "There were a lot of shots." Officials did reveal that the Italian men were between the ages of 16 and 39.

    Rain on Wednesday morning hampered investigators' search for clues in the slayings. Police have asked possible witnesses to come forward with any information they might have. They are also hoping that a CCTV camera on a building near the site of the slayings might have captured images of the crime.

    Residents of Duisburg expressed disbelief that the crime could happen in their city. "I walked by here around midnight and everything was still quiet," one young woman said. "We've never had anything like this happen here."

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  3. is now reported as Mafia crime in the afternoon news
  4. Only in Europe.
  5. didn't expect anything else
  6. "a rare crime in Germany, which has strict gun control laws."

    How did the criminals get the guns than?
  7. yugoslavia propably.
  9. brought them in from Italy
  10. same for the Italian guy that was shot in my town ... Benelli shotgun
  11. But with Germany's gun control laws, they wouldn't be able to legally bring guns there.
  12. there are no more border controls in the EU !!!

    also, isn´t it typical for criminals not to care about law?
  13. uh, but you do know that the EU has open borders inside???
  14. Oh, I thought strict gun laws eliminated all forms of crime. What a bummer.
  15. Yes, that's the point I was trying to make. Why do people wonder how criminals get their hands on guns when there are strict gun control laws?
  16. noone here "wondered" why
  17. but some do not understand at all
  18. Jason Bourne did it!
  19. No, but the person who wrote the article did. They said that crimes like this were unlikely because of the strict gun control, when gun control really has nothing to do with it.
  20. James Bond so many times before!
  21. Gun control laws only protect otherwise law-abiding citizens from getting their hands on a firearm in times of heavy emotion, be it rage or jealousy or fear or whatever. This was obviously not the case. Now shut up, Germany's murder rate is less than 1/10th the world average.

    Edit: As the murder weapon is mainly chosen by availability, strict gun control laws would reduce the number of homicides by gun, regardless of weather it reduced the number of murders. Which is all this article suggested.
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  23. I'll shut up when you actually make a point.

    The fact that Germany doesn't have many crimes has nothing do with their gun laws. In instances like this, we can see that when somebody wants to kill, they tend not to abide by gun laws.

    I didn't want it to turn out like this, I was just pointing out that what was said in the article is bullshit.

    Edit: If that's all the article suggested than I misinterpreted it.
  24. If you want me to reiterate, the article only suggested shootings were tied to guns, not murders. Murder weapons are chosen by availability. If you want to kill someone and there's no gun, you use a knife. No knife, you use a bat. Getting your had on a gun in Germany usually would mean heading over to the former Yugoslavia and heading back, which for second degree murder is a shit#$%#ington of work when a 2x4 would do the job just as well. Only for the first degree does it do nothing to reduce shootings.

    If you look at the United States for example, the murder by gun is about 70% of total murders, while in Canada it's about 30%.
  25. The person who wrote the article didn't "wonder". Also the person is right. Or do you seriously think you'd have just as many murder cases in the USA if guns had to be brought in from Canada throuch an open border?

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