Six Italians Killed in Germany

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  1. it's not that easy to get a gun ilegally.
  2. It's not that easy to get a gun legally.
  3. So in your world the only way to be safe is to always carry a larger and more efficient gun than the criminals?
  4. No, in my world I don't own a gun, and definitely don't need to. But I'm a libertarian and believe people should have the right to defend themselves if they please.
  5. cops are there to defend you.
  6. So, do you also believe that people should have the right to kill you if the please? Your not a libertarian your an anarchist.
  7. I'll be dead before the cops get there. And I'd rather have the means to defend myself than have to rely on somebody who is not even near me and doesn't know about my predicament unless I take the time to call them.
  8. Are you kidding me? The entire backbone of libertarianism is the concept that everybody should be free to do as they please as long as it does not impact the liberty of other people.

    Anarchy is being against government, which is just silly.
  9. happens all the time in America
  10. only in America!
  11. Ok so its anarchism light then. You need to learn the proper conservative way...
  12. It's not anarchism light, it's a full can of intoxicating liberty.
  13. The kind that real men like George Washington like to drink.
  14. Is gun control what you thirst? You can have my gun, bullets first!
  15. So? He has a definite amount of bullets, it could jam, he still has to hit a moving target, if you are hit you have a 90% chance of survival unless he moves to finish you off. And a chair is still a weapon, a knife can still be thrown. They also don't malfunction or run out of bullets. A deadly object is a deadly object, each have their merits and drawbacks. With excellent planning each can be deployed very efficiently, and that is the key point here. A gun isn't any more deadly than a knife, when a strong willed person plans very carefully either one could be tragic.
  16. Cops can't be everywhere all the time and they don't enter or even go in some suburbs even in Paris like la Gouute d'Or or Sarcelles because they will be manslaughtered because of the scum owning illegally imported ak 47s and rpg from eastern countries or from the maghreb. You must be #$%#ing retarded if you think that you can count on cops at any moment.
  17. That is some 5th grade logic right there. Ignoring that there are several uses for handguns, you just said that handguns influence people to murder. An object, a tool made of metal, causes humans to kill...right.

    My goal isn't to kill anyone, it is to stop the threat to my safety. It's that simple.
  18. Only stupid left wingers want to ban guns thinking it will help to reduce criminality. But criminals get their guns illegally. Do you want honest civilians to be defenseless against the scum? Do you think the police can be here at every moment? If yes, you are stupid. Honest citizens have the right to defend themselves and their properties as well as to clean their street from the scum polluting it.
  19. Who the hell are you, captain obvious' arch nemesis? Maybe the best way to be safe is to recognize bad situations and staying away from them. Maybe you don't have a choice in the matter and your hand is forced. It is an equalizer when used efficiently, criminals are terrified of picking on the wrong person.
  20. then you should do something about that problem. making guns legal isn't a good solution though.
  21. You need to step away from the crack pipe. Away from socialism as well. Anarchy has to do with an absence of government, libertarianism has to do with a lack of government involvement in your decisions.
  22. Remember what Dirty Harry says "There is nothing wrong with shooting as long as the right people get shot". Would you be scared to shoot a trashbag with a 500s&w magnum revolver? Not me. A bigger gun means a severe warning to the trashbag that it is better not to #$%# with you. Bigger gun means also better trashbag/scumbag killing.
  23. Also life for you in prison. You'll be the ghetto trashcans' sexual buffet in jail.
  24. Counting on police officers several minutes away is a horrible solution. Your safety is your own responsibility, if they don't get there in time no one gets reprimanded for not doing their job. You just get victimized and thats the end of that.
  25. The problem is pretty simple, there were cases in France were people have shot and injuried the robbers. Where it blows is that these civlians were in jail for injurying trashbags and had to pay medicare for them. I don't want a system where everyone has to be a victim and can't defend themselves properly. People were able to get a defense license firearm permit but it was unfortunately by that goddamn asshole of Mr Chirac in 1997.

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