Sketch of a Diablo SE30

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  1. I wish I did this one bigger, it`s inside my sketchbook so it`s really small. Oh well, wheels are not perfect but if I decide to do a bigger one then hopefully they will be better. I just did this one out of boredom, it`s nice to get back into a medium you are familiar with. The only thing new was the purple lead I used, which I chose to use to further the SE30`s awesome Lavender paint.

    edit: what`s the thing in the window? The little cut out. I notice in some pictures the glass is removed, or down like a racing window... would I be correct in assuming that it is that? I have also seen a picture of an SE30 without it. I don`t know why it took me so many years to notice this.
  2. Sweet. Cars are the one thing I cannot draw or paint at all.
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  5. *one of the many things.
    Note: This is directed towards myself

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  6. Love it, got any drawing tips?
  7. Nice drawing. I wish I could draw..
  8. Thanks guys, Schmitt, it would help if you could post some examples of your works to give proper critique/advice. Do note though, that there are some people on this forum that are absolutely amazing, so don't just look to me lol

    Glad you like it though
  9. That looks professional,nice job!

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