skin on... skin off?

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  1. Depends on the meal? but we keep it mostly.

    Never understood people who peel carrots also.
  2. I'll be honest, the dial in my Sacarsm meter went into HIGH, then moved into CONFUSED and now its a WUT.

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    tl;dr: they're varieties of plants that are not commonly grown anymore, especially in modern agriculture.
  4. Some crops are engineered to not produce fertile seeds so that the farmer has to buy seeds again.

    Heirlooms typically haven't been genetically modified.
  5. Ok, but those seeds that the farmer buys.... where do THEY come from?
  6. The Agricultire industry . Modifying food to feed the masses.

    Heirloom vegtables from seeds that have been unmodified form earlier parts of human history , pre industrial , but the definition varies source to source.
  7. The feed store/granary/monsanto, etc.
  8. Ahh, ok... so then they're just organic vegetables of varying and uncommon varieties?

    Sounds like an american gimmick, but I could be wrong.
  9. I don't think they're organic by definition, but they often are.

    I haven't had too many heirloom varieties, but heirloom tomatoes are goddamn amazing.
  10. I dont peel most fruits. They're the healthiest part and also lots of fiber. Also, how do you peel grapes?
  11. Best way to eat mango is to cut the two sides off around the seed, score the flesh in cubes and then push it inside out. Then cut each of those cubes off. Finish by cutting slices of flesh off around the seed before getting as much off as possible with your teeth.
  12. Always skin off. Even with apples
  13. Do you call taxis kangaroos?
  14. lolwat
  15. obvi
  16. lol youre #$%#ed
  17. i take the skin off if i am worried about pesticides and other chemicals being on the fruit/veg. would peel mango and eat kiwis with spoon.
  18. I hate the skin on apples
  19. I just do what is normal
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    This must be porn for brankovic

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    lol, what is that even? is it for doing operations or something?
  22. I think
  23. It was actually invented just to peel grapes with. That it's useful for surgery was only realised after they had peeled a few grapes and realised its precision.
  24. I think you're bulling me!
  25. they are generally organic because of the nature of the growers of heirloom products but not always.

    They are fruits and veggies that have not been modified for around 100 years ... unlike the food we buy in the grocery store that has been modified to breed out unwanted traits ...things like size , shape and colour


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