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Discussion in '1999 Lamborghini Diablo GT' started by Alphabetic, Aug 10, 2002.

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    okay Vspec, whatever you say. I cannot believe you even started this forum. What were you doing? It is fairly obvious that all you wanted to do was start an argument between people. Man, listen, The skyline is my favorite car of all time, I don't deny it. But not even myself would make such a dumb statement. Now if you wanted to compare the Diablo to a Skyline-esque car, why not choose a tuned 400R? Of course then you are comparing a stock Italian Sports Car to an aggressively tuned Japanese After-Market Race Car! In the future, you would do well to at least back up your claims before you just open yourself up for people to show you just how big of a dumbass you really are. Sorry man, I don't like to fight in these forums, and unfortunately a lot of other people do, but when I saw your statement, I couldn't resist. Get your head straight.<!-- Signature -->
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    Not a chance man

    i love the Diablo and i think a lot of people would say that it has history and class
    and that you dont get overnight.

    jap sports cars have plastic in the dashboards hahahahahah lol <IMG SRC="">
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    this car is beutiful and all but there is no need to get argumentitive between competition
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from myalfarules</i>
    <b>hahahaha you poor misguided little boy, are you comparing a 60 000 japanese car to a 300 000 italian sports dream. The lambo is about 2 class higher than the skyline, yes i have alot of respect for the skyline, one of the better japanese cars, but plz don't compare Euro cars to Jap cars, there's jus no comparison.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    2? what are you crazy this is atleast 5 classes ahead of rice<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from PorscheBoy09</i>
    <b>THE SKYLINE IS LIMITED TO 112 MPH.THE LAMBO IS 200+.GOT IT</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    are you stupid? wait, that is a dumb question, of course your are. anyone who thinks that skyline is limited to 112 mph has got to be. an unmodded skyline R34 GTR does 155. it has a untuned race engine in it! mod. it and you can see huge hp numbers<!-- Signature -->
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    the Skyline is a great piece of art but comparing a twin-turbocharged 6 cylinder to a V12 Monster is just crazy plus the results are right in front of you!
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    Man you are some sort of sick puppy.
    no wonder this country is going to the pack
    WANKERS like you should piss off back to GOOKLAND and tug yourself in japanese.
    Rice burners are made of rice crackers pressed into shape.
    Wake up clown!
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    ok welll i happen to be the unofficial biggest fan off the of it everywhere...and i still have to agree with every1 that u cannot compare there seats, let alone the italian stallion to a petty skyline...maybe try it with the r348 blitsz and youll find competitiion..... ciao ding
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    Your head is clearly stuck so far up your ass that you obviously don't see that a Diablo could beat your pansy skyline in reverse, I mean come on, seriously!<!-- Signature -->
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    People who just hand the win over to the Lambo just because the name are weak in intellect. What, you people cann think for yourself. The Lambo is living off a name and a perceived "god-like" status. I will not say the Skyline is better, but it certainbly can be in the same class for a lot less money. And, do not say it cannot. The Skylines have earned a plethora of trophies in many racing circuits. It has earned its place among other world spercars. For those who call the Skyline "Rice," you demonstrate your ignorance and lack of knowlefge about true world supercars.

    The Lambo is a great car, but it is not worth over $300,000 nor is it the undisputed god-king of all cars!
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    Jap crap sucks you moron!!! Why don't you learn what you are talking about before you open your mouth!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    I just can not beleive this , am i dreaming or what , skyline!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = LAMBORGHINI , who said that man
    , i beleive that he is crazy or sick , i recommand that you go to the doctor and try to find out what's wrong with your brain man .<!-- Signature -->
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    Noep, you are not dreaming. There are Skylines that are street legal that can best the mighty Lambo, but not with YOU behind the wheel. You see, both cars are tuned machines that cannot be pushed to their limites except by trained professional on a track. But, the Skyline IS in the same class as the Lambo for pure performance. You can argue style and history all you want, but that has NO effect on the racetrack. You people can't even afford either car yet argue like little children.

    Your opinion does not matter. The Skyline can perform as well as the Lambo for a lot less money. Sure, its not as exclusive but if you are only after performance and do not care about trying to impress people who don't like you anyway, the Skyline is a good deal. Live with it.
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    to begin with i tried the lamborghini diablo 1997 and the nissan skyline , and they are both great cars , but there is no way you can compare the diablo and the skyline , NO WAY , NO WAY ,
    i say honda civic is great , because it an affordable car , good gas , good over all , and i can get you a civic that can beat the hell out of the skyline and by the end of the race the civic can carry the sky line and put in the trash with out even looking at it ,
    but to who wants to compare and to all the people who are comparing the lamborghini with the skyline ,listen :
    to compare two cars ,
    1- both car should be standard .
    2- they should be from the same class you can not compare a CIVIC and benz .
    3- they should not be modified .
    and more

    so before you compare know that any car can be modified to be a lot better than an expensive car , but the expensive car is still gonna be better . so don't walk around talking about things that you don't even know about , and to all the guys who were suprized by this comparing i am shocked too , coz i can not beleive that we have a lot of &#@$^# people who talk about what they don't know . <!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from m11gt</i>
    <b>so before you compare know that any car can be modified to be a lot better than an expensive car , but the expensive car is still gonna be better.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Do you have any idea just how stupid and self contradictory your statement is? Its absoultly laughable and reflects your lack of so far as you are a mere lemming. lets be objective shall we.

    The Lambo is made for preformance. The Skyline is made for performance. If a modified Skyline is better than the Lambo at performance (the sole reason the Lambo exists), there is no way in hell that the Lambo is still better. It is only your pathetic clinging onto the bullshit idea that more expensive is always better. You don't own either yet you act like you're on some personal crusade for the Lambo.

    I did not read anyone say the Lambo was crap. It certainly is a fine piece of machinary. However, it is overpriced considering other cars can be made better cheaper. You can complain that they are not as exclusive as the Lambo and you would be right. But, you're just an insecure little rich wannabe who wants to impress people who don't give a shit about you anyway. Other people have grown up and can appreciate many things in life and uderstand the realities of life.

    The Lambo is an impressive car. I would like to have one. But, other cars can be made to perform better and beat the Lambo. I don't see why this fact should be so controversial.

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    Impossible...Skyline should not better than Lambo in every terms of performance,and these 2 cars is in different style.
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    Impossible? Nope...possible and its been done. Granted, it is rare but there are Skylines that are superior to the Lambo in every way important performance measured way. The name? The history? The cost? And pther unimportant bullshit that doesn't make the cars go faster is the only area where the Lambo can hope to win.

    And, both are world supercars that are built for performance and speed. Of course they can be compared! There is NOTHING special about the Lambo other than people ascribe some god like reverence for the marque. The Skyline can compete on the track just fine. Coffee table book comparisons are not for car people, but rather snobs who are quite laughable.
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    what ever you say , every one understands that what you are saying is bullshit and crap , and shows the lack of knowladge , any ways i repeat don't compare if you have a brain . <!-- Signature -->
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    fisrt off i cant take nothin away from lambo, lambo will always be a lambo. but u cant argue to the fact that with $300,000 u can buy a skyline and make it in every way better then a lambo. its just a fact with proper tuning u can get a skyline to well over 1600hp maybe even more.
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    u don't know #$%# all about cars this is ten times faster and looks way better then a shitty ass skyline<!-- Signature -->
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    did i say s#*t about looks ya a lambo looks a whole lot better then a skyline but with the right combo of parts u can make a skylike chew up a lambo, whens the last time u saw a lambo running 7sec 1/4mile runs or better. there just isnt parts out there to sup up a lambo except for koenig ofcourse but that still cant take out a fully tweaked out skyline and every1 knows that. just a fact dont argue.
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    Um, thisis a performance board not a showcar board. Its all about being faster than the other guy....and the Skyline can and does do this with half the engine of the Lambo. Sure, the Lambo is nice and exotic but it is overrated and over priced - if all you care about is performance. If you care about trying to impress people who don't like you anyway, well you are immature and a perfect customer for the Lambo.
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    When a Lambo beats a Skyline at the Nurburing or an a track, then you might have something. Until then, all you have is a lot of hot air....and an ampty garage!

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