skyline is better

Discussion in '1999 Lamborghini Diablo GT' started by droptops, Aug 9, 2002.

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    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! vspec you dumbass
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    this car is beutiful and all but there is no need to get argumentitive between competition
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    The name already says it:Lamborghini (Pure Sportscars)
  4. Although this car is impressive in performance, the skyline still is better both in performance and in looks. COMPARE AND SEE<!-- Signature -->
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    not only are dumb, your also gay, Skyline my ass. Yeah compare and see... compare them and make me see.

    PROVE IT <!-- Signature -->
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    No dont get me wrong. I love the Skyline and always have. I like to have one too but, there is a reason the Lambo retails for 300,000 U.S. It is (in my opinion) unmatched in prestiege and legend. A true exotic. If I could have any cars it would be a Skylinr for a daily driver and a Lambo for those 'Special' occaisions. <IMG SRC=""> <!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from vspec 05</i>
    <b>Although this car is impressive in performance, the skyline still is better both in performance and in looks. COMPARE AND SEE</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    WTF are you talking trash!!!???
    Please dun compare the all time legnedary Lambo to the Skyline, they are different style cars, [email protected]!!!
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from thefiredept</i>
    <b>not only are dumb, your also gay, Skyline my ass. Yeah compare and see... compare them and make me see.

    PROVE IT </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
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    HAHAHAHAHA Yes the Skyline is a beautiful car, BUT! this is a $300,000 Italian Supercar with 575 HP! Compare???? There is no way you can compare these 2 cars, there are in 2 totaly different classes.<!-- Signature -->
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    hahahaha you poor misguided little boy, are you comparing a 60 000 japanese car to a 300 000 italian sports dream. The lambo is about 2 class higher than the skyline, yes i have alot of respect for the skyline, one of the better japanese cars, but plz don't compare Euro cars to Jap cars, there's jus no comparison.<!-- Signature -->
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    I don't think a Nissan could ever beat a Lambo on the track.
    -On straights the GT is unbeatable by most cars(even the mighty McLaren F1 will battle fiercely)
    -On corners and high speed curves I think (I don't have a racing experience-the strongest car I've ever driven is a 130 hp Mercedes)
    that the GT with Racing suspension, VERY low center of gravity, RWD and awesome grip levels will beat most cars and for sure the skyline.
    BUT the Skyline gives awesome performance for only $60.000. For that reason only it's worth the respect!<!-- Signature -->
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    the skyline is my all time favorite car and even i admit the lambo is better in every respect besides looks
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    I compared the Skyline and the Lamborghini Diablo and the Skyline was sucking the Diablo's dick.
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    Get real.
    The new Skyline (although past models look better)
    is an amazing piece but NO...
    Any Lambo is a masterpiece and needs the respect of
    every car friend.
    You can compare a Lambo and a Ferrari, a legend to another one.
    BUT NOT an Italian art work to a Jap technology and design.
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    THE SKYLINE IS LIMITED TO 112 MPH.THE LAMBO IS 200+.GOT IT<!-- Signature -->
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    I hope the person who rote this isn't serious. I mean if you are serious than you should jump off a cliff for saying that. If you personally like the skyline better thats fine but don't go around saying that it is better than a lamborghini, of any Italian exotic. Enless you are retarted and dont understand, JUST COMPARE THE STATS!!!!!!!!
  17. Are you nuts ?????

    I am a Japanese car fan myself !!!! No complain that the Skyline is a very good car no matter in style and performance , but it's not as good as a Lamborghini !!!! There's no need to compare anything , the result is very clear that the Lamborghini is the clear winner !!!! Please go read up on cars and don't embareress yourself here !!!!!
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    thank you very much. that is an intelligent comment. to compare the skyline to the diablo is just the stupidest thing i have ever heard. it is pretty pathetic that someone could consider themself a car fan or whatever and then go ahead and compare the two cars. the stupidity of some people is frightening.
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    listen, the suspension system on the lambo is extremely good. stock the lambo is getting at least .9g's...compared to the skyline, even with 4wd couldn't get that...
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    As standard cars, the skyline would have nothing against the diablo but if you spend all the money you saved in buying the skyline, you could get the skyline to shit all over the diablo.
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    what are you all guys talking about? Its worth nothing!
    someone posts a piece of shit, and 20 flames follow. what a quality.

    Well guys, lets compare an MCC Smart to a McLaren F1 GTR.

    Look at the stats, the Smart goes 70mph, the GTR goes 200. The Smart has a g-force like .65g (i just estimate), the GTR has 2.0g. The GTR needs on slicks 2.1 to 60mph, the Smart needs over 20. The GTR has a 6.1 V12, the Smart a 0.61 V2, BUT WITH A DAMN TURBO. Cause of it the Smart will be faster, im sure, i dont care about stats or facts, i just know that the smart will be faster cause it has a real turbine!

    To make it all down, i have to say that the McLaren has more room for bagage and even a seat more (i know the F1 GTR hasnt normally cause of weight).

    Isnt it a SMART comparsion? :))

    enough of talking shit.<!-- Signature -->
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    Don't even compare piece of shit Jap cars with Lambos
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    I'm not gonna even bother to argue this one. Dude, you on something? lol<!-- Signature -->
  24. Italian vs The World

    1999 Lamborghini Diablo GT is a great car but in todays world its a much as well as lacking in tech.
    95.96 bhp per litre its a bit lacking for a 6 litre engine (just imagine what forced induction or variable lift and value timing could do for this engine)
    i must give it points for being light weight, but these are not easy to drive and not that much comfort, and all the people I've talked to that own italian cars are paranoid of crashing, and said better driven once a year than used as a every day car
    my choice of car would be the 2000 Mazda RX-7 Type RZ puts out an impressive 211.01 bhp per litre
    engine is only 1.3 litre and with a price tag of $33000USD
    so what if it doesnt do 211mph and pulls 3.7 seconds on the 0 to 60mph run, its still a car with a perfect balance of performace and style

    otherwise instead of spending your hard earned cash on a italian deathtrap spend it on a japan built car that costs about one sixth of the price and modify it until your satisfied with the results

    or blow it on american muscle (Dodge Viper) and european/german engineering (Porsche 911)

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    lets settle this - the guy who started this topic is a dumbass for even getting people started by saying such crap as the skylines are better, and being a motoring journalist i have had the pleasure to drive them both and lamborghinis are absolutely out of the skylines class, however the skyline can compete with some europeans such as maseratis and porches but not true legends like lambo.

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