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  1. do people from the north listen to lynard skynard?
  2. No, it's forbotten. We listen only to Mr. Young spin his yarns of southern shame. Massa', why won't you pay them back?
  3. I'm from CA, but I love Rockabilly like that.
  4. Gernglish?
  5. Wha?
  6. Wha?
  7. You people are dense.
  8. Forbotten?
  9. That should be forboden actually, an old-Englishie way of saying forbidden.
  10. Olde Englishe
  11. Lynard Skynard is better than the any Rap
  12. L.S. is quite over-rated IMHO.
  13. That's because you probably have shitty taste in music, and it's Lynyrd Skynyrd, you fools.
  14. Skynyrd isn't rockabilly.
  15. Canadians only listen to the Tragically Hip.
  16. True Canadians listen to the 'Hip. You listen to Nelly Furtado or whatever else wog-a-riffic sh*t.
  18. Or even remotely close to rockabilly.
  19. Thanks for stealing my post, jerkass.
  20. It's Lynyrd Skynyrd and don't #$%# it up again. They are one of the greratest bands in the history of rock, and the greatest band in the history of southern rock, that is with Ronnie Van Zant of course.
  21. Why the hell wouldn't we? Just cause it's southern rock? That'd be like asking if people outside of Great Britain listen to Pink Floyd.
  22. im from the south dont know too many people from the north, i know pretty much everyone here listnes to skynyrd tho.
  23. I listened to his music, and some songs are ok, mainly the bluegrass ones.

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