SL65 - 1200 Nm of torque ?!

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by liran, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. Mercedes should try putting their Engines in a Decent Lightweight Chassis.
  2. I think so too.
    But the SL is my favourite merc, so maybe they should just do a much lighter version of the SL.
  3. something like a Super Light? oh hold on...
  4. a tad off topic, but does anyone feel they prefer the old SL55AMG over this car?? I don't know why, but the SL55 is the Mercedes icon, for some reason, the SL65 just doesn't do it for me?
  5. mercedes should make a new car company with sport line vehicles, manual transmissions
  6. I think it would be almost pointless to get the extra torque out of the engine, even if you got a tranny that could handle it. The SL65 cant break 4 seconds to 60, but it has nearly twice the torque of cars that do. They need to figure out how to get that power to the ground before they increase the torque.

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