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  1. Mercedes are planning to release the SL65AMG in the not to distant future (early to mid 2004.)
    It should have around 612bhp and 1000nm or torque (limited from the reported 1250nm unlimited torque.)
    0-62mph should arrive in an estimated 4.0 seconds and reach the 1/4 mile mark in an estimated 12.5 seconds.
    The SL55AMG alone reached 100km/h in 4.3 seconds by C&D or R&T, so if this follows Mercedes conservative rating trend, we should see this to dip bellow the 4 second mark.

    I have attached a spy-shot of the SL65AMG; it is wearing the SL55AMG outfit so it can be tested in the pubic arena, this is to prevent it from wearing those ugly black “nappies.”
    It is believed that the SL65AMG will be receiving new aprons, side skirts and body panels.
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    Sorry, forgot to say it will be receiving Mercedes new 7-speed semi-auto box.
    In 2004 the 5.0ltr V8s, 5.4ltr V8s, 5.5ltr V12s and 6.0ltr V12s all receive this new box.
    However the E55AMG and SL, CL, S 55AMG may have to wait until face-lift time to get this new box.
    The SL65AMG will be the first AMG to receive the new transmission, which will be tuned by AMG for faster shifting-times.
    This replaces the 5-speed Auto in all mentioned Mercedes.
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    Awesome!!! But I think I know where you got this info, I think you got it at And Mercedes is crazy nowadays!!! I mean 612 horespower and acceleration under 4 sec!!!
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    Thats pretty damn impressive, though I'll need to see a price tag for justification.
  5. THey are making the SL 65 though it has been stated before that it will be only givin to the SL 55 AMG Customers. Also they have a SL 75 in the Pipeline but that will be only for Private Customers meanin on Order Basis. It wont go on Production.
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    Yes, but how much will these supercars cost?v
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    I read in Autocar that the SL65 will be priced at approx 120k GBP,
    meaning around 180k USD.
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    I've read in some magazine that it might get 700 HP!! seriously but i don't really remember which one..
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    That much horsepower!? Naw it can't be.
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    Probably true, the only way Mercedes make fast cars nowadays is just by putting the biggest engine in and then turbocharging it.

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    So what about the SLR?? Imagine how damn pis*ed some SLR customers will be if they find out a lower grade car which costs half as much gets a 4 extra cylinders and more power!
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    Need I remind you of the Mercedes 'Illmor' engine, recently developed.
    3.0ltr V10 with 930bhp, that takes it above the Ferrari and BMW engine
    in F1, Mercedes can make great N/A engines it's just forced induction engines drive better and feel more 'sporty' due to the low range torque N/A engines just can't make not to mention the somewhat more linear nature of the torque curve giving to a more enthralling drive.
    Mercedes have always made engines with a more luxurious nature, that is low range torque in surplus as well as higher peek torque not to mention quieter and smoother engines.
    However, come sportiness I have to agree if the 5.5ltr V10 finds its ways to the E60 chassis it'll be spectacular.
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    What the hell you say!? 612 bhp!!?? That's alot of power, but I would think it would go 0-60 mph quicker than 3.8 seconds, but I guess that is pretty fast for a Mercedes.
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    Ur righjt about the SL65 tech. data, but the 7 speed auto dosen't work with this engine, cos the S65 and the CL65 uses the 5speed auto... The 7speed gearbox can handle max.700Nm and this engine has much more than this torque!
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    The 7-speed will eventually find it's way into the CL65 and upon release or maybe soon after the SL65.
    AMG are still working on making the 7-speed box able to handle 1000nm of torque, it currently can handle 800nm of torque, not 700nm, because it's ready to be put into the S600 and other 800nm 5.5 litre V12 Mercedes.
    Mercedes has already tested this box with every V8 and V12 Mercedes, except the 6.0 litre V12 because they know it can't handle the torque yet, AMG are currently working on that though.
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    WOW 7 speed tranny, thats a lot of shifting(auto or other-wise. I can't wait to see what Renntech will do with the Twin-Turbo 6.0 V12. You get a fast,luxury car with the top down to boot. Now what will happen if they lighted the cars?????

    This car is PHAT!

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    This engine you are talking about doesn't exist, for if it did Mercedes would have had a better year.

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    yeh i have read that it was 700BHP TOO IN CAR MAGAZINE
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    I just odered a SL 55 AMG... went for test drive... its mindblowing guys!!! In compare to 911 Turbo which is a bit faster (0-60mph / 0-100kph 911Turbo 4.3sec and SL 55 AMG 4.5sec).... is the SL much more confortable and luxurious ... and for € 150k i would choose a complete car, like SL.

    The Mercedes dealer gives me the offer to change my SL 55 with SL 65 AMG in 1.5 - 2 yrs (have to pay then not the whole amount of € 220k)... the launch is in April 04 (Salon d'Auto Geneva)
    As said the new SL 65 AMG will have 700bhp / 1000 NM and they still don't know if they want to built a limited edition.

    And the roof technology is awsome 16sec to convert into a cabrio...

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    Why I don't think MB will build an SL65 unless it is priced absurdly... The SLR. Probably will eat up half of the SLR's sales.
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