Sledgehammer vs. 16-4 Veyron

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    You are a genuis. Just the truth mate, just the truth.
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    oh really. It takes 20 minutes (approx.) to run out of a full tank running around a track (est) to get from home to the supermarket aint gonna use up 3/4 of the fuel tank.
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    Driving on roads uses soo much less fuel that racing round a track, if you drive on the road you'll get hours out of it easily.
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    I'm pretty sure that 9900 hp is wrong. Here's why: top fuel dragsters produce on the order of 7000-8000 hp burning nitromethane with forced induction via supercharger and they verge on hydraulic lock with every crankshaft rotation and they spin to 9000 rpm...yeah, you get the point. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    i do. You're a genuis Monkey
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    I'm pretty sure it was around that mark, anyway it was high and I have no idea what engine was in it but thats getting off topic, not that it's unusual here for that to happen.
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    So what if the Slegehammer has higher top speed? The Veyron will dominate regardless. I doubt Sledgehammer can match Veyron's handling, drivability and luxury, not to mention the advantage of reliability most production cars have over tuned up cars.
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    Well, I could see well over 1000 hp, but to get anywhere close to 9900 hp (which I still don't think is correct), you would need to resort to top-fuel drag engine technology... and those engines are rebuilt after every 1/4-mile run.

    Sorry for going off topic. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Well whatever it was it was high, would 6900 be possible, it was'nt a top fuel dragster but it was a far cry from the usual car based dragsters ( Iforget what the class is called).
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    does this question really need to be asked... vayron previals
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    I don't think 6900 would be possible, again because that's Top Fuel ballpark. I wouldn't be too surprised to see somewhere between 1500 and 2000 hp though simply because there are the turbocharged drag Mustangs with outputs in that same ballpark.
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    It wasn't a Viper engine I've found the mag it was in and it's far from the 9000Bhp but it has 3900Bhp from an 11 liter engine and it was compared to a dragster called the Vampire which had 9900 that was a jet engined one.
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    Ah, true. Did it say where the 11-liter engine came from? That's 671 cubic inches (for us Yanks)!
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    No they didn't go into much detail about the Viper, it was mainly about the Vampire.
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    This a dumb question. the sledgehammer is a tuned vette that is said to go 250. the veyron is a amzing technologically advanced super exotic car with 1001 bhp and a topspeed of 250 MPH and i read in a magzine that this cars gets to 60 in a mear 2.9 seconds. Dont even compare these cars!
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    I masturbate to the Veyron... so I'll have to go with that. As of the year 2002 They have 1000hp cars, whats next? Will there be 2,000hp cars? Do you think???
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    I don't think there will ever be a 2000Bhp production road car, at least not cars as we now know them, who knows what we'll be driving in 30-40 years.
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    i really dont think theres going to be 2,000 hp street-legal cars in the near future. however, a 2,000 hp car that ISNT street-legal could be possible. of course, im assuming it would run on gasoline. but a gas-powered piston engin would take some serious design talent to do, but i could be possible. maybe as a show off concept

    sledgehammer IS faster than the veyron, but how long does it take to get there? probly a lot longer. an what about luxury an track performance? i doubt that the sledgehammer could do those things the same way a veyron could.
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    There are 2000Bhp street legal cars, they're all modded though.
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    "There are 2000Bhp street legal cars, they're all modded though."

    Where are these so called street legal cars? I would love to see info on them and not just someone's opinion.

    As for the titel fo this thread it is stupid. why even compare 2 cars when neither of them are street legal? The callaways sledgehammer is not street legal and it is not a production car. The 16/4 hasnt been ested yet and has not been put into production, therefore since it hasnt been tested nobody knows the times of the cars even Bugatti can only estimate the times of it.
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    SVS do a Viper with over 1900Bhp, do a search on Google, there are plenty of others, alot of them are built for drag racing but there are some classes that require the car to be road lergal, alot of them stretch into or close to the 2000Bhp range.
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    Is this particular comparison a little nonsensical? In my opinion, yes. Is it a "stupid" comparison, well....that depends on it's relevance to the person asking it. It is, nonetheless, a topic that is often meant to spurn conversation, debate and ideas. At four pages, it has done just that. Obviously it got your attention and merited the time and energy of your rather "poignant" remark. DodgeMS-4, be a little objective and relax. Be aware of the fact that some consider these types of comparisons to be relevant to their trains of thought, and are often vehicles for other tangents. Try not to be so tunnel-visioned and apt to shoot down what others may consider to be a very valid and worthwhile topic. Can you honestly say that you have never been the progenitor of what some may have thought was a "stupid" topic...I highly doubt it. To finish the Veyron has been tested rather rigorously, but the specs have not been made public as of yet. I am sure that this is of little closure to you, but may be of interest as you claim that the Veyron has not entered it's testing phase. To note, you may find it equally interesting to discover that they have already began, and nearly completed, the first two Veyrons to be delivered to their respective owners. The links below will support and substantiate that comment. As for the Sledgehammer, it has long been known that it was a street legal, one-off vehicle. Lingenfelter tends to shy away from modified vehicles that aren't street tender. You may also be interested to sample some of the quicktime viewings of the latest street legal Corvette to come off the Lingenfelter line (8sec 1/4 mile times and high 1's on the 0-60) and, yes, completely street legal. Although I am typically the one to try and remain civil on threads, it is often necessary to stand up for the little guy sometimes. Dodge...relax!
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    I agree.
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    I'm not trying to be rude, but you are succeeding in provind DrWho's point with that comment. You are just adding fuel to the fire. If this Dodge character is bothering you that much, just stop posting in response to his comments.
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    Guess your right, I'll edit the post.

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