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  2. Sleeper? What in the hell are you talking about?
  3. Posted in Euro days ago.
  4. you know you dumb ass posters, if you actually read what was below the link, you would see that he said he posted the wrong link. maybe you should read that first.
  5. the edit was after those posts jackass
  6. he edited his post after the other guys posted

    NOW who's the dumbass?
  7. Whoops, looks like you're a jackass!
  8. actually you are all a bunch of #%$.gots for caring about something so stupid. stop wasting the internet.
  9. (its running out)
  10. wow so I made a mistake, still theres no need to get mad cause someone made a mispost.
    its rediculous
  11. kyle... just stop trying man, ive seen nothing but stupidity coming from u

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