SLK 32 AMG or Z3 M

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  1. No idiots on this forum please.No 'Merc sucks or BM sucks' We all have our preferences and I'd like some educated opinions.
    Personally they are both unreal cars bought to us by two of the finest car makers of our time.For once Benz (AMG) have produced a production 'M' car competitor and a mighty fine one.Yes they both have approx the same size engine and the Benz the advantage with a supercharger, but the game is on! I have always said BM is the better drivers car but the Benz is the better to be driven in.This time its apples for apples.I'd probably (if I could honestly - not like most on this site !! - afford either) go for the Benz with its roof , and slightly better specs.Also there are fewer of them around.
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    Yes, the SLK's automatic folding hardtop is definitely cool. Almost like having two cars in one (almost!). The Z3's appearance is now rather dated, but it still looks fresh in the face of the Merc competition. Here's how R&T scored it.
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    I think both look and perform wonderfully, but the z3 has always been a fav for me because of it's classic looks. The SLK is a little too square for me, it seems to be more of a luxo cruiser while the Z3 is more of a bare bones roadster. Either way I would not mind having one in my garage.
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    well the z3 is scary.the slk is sweat more likely for girls.the z3 shows no take the z3.good for a collage car
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    I had a z3 and I drove a benz; the 315 hp manual transmision is probably the funnest car I'ev ever driven, that engine is a work of art and engeenering, now is just matter of taste

    I would pick the bimmer always.<!-- Signature -->
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    there both good cars, but i like the Z3 more with that superb engine and sportie handling. the merc isn't so good in the corners i read, maybe a little bit to much understeer i think and u can't powerslide it out off the corner wich is a bit boring. But on the straights both cars are nice hehe.
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    Nice Thread, and nice to see some intelligent posts guys.

    I'm British but live in Japan and drive an M Roadster.
    I have often wondered about the SLK myself, now that they have an AMG version that is.
    I've never driven an SLK, but I agree that it has a womens look to it.
    I can launch my M ROadster into corners and enjoy ramping the power onto the back wheels half way round to straighten her out.

    Perfection in motoring for me.

    Need 4 seats now though, can somebody give me some advise on the next motor to get. In Japan BMW dont sell the New M3 Coupe (Convertible), so I'm thinking Alpina B3 Convertible.?

    Any thoughts ????


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    The SLK would smoke the Mroadster.
    The Benz has more horse power, and beat the roadster in a Road and Track test. If the SLk had manual tranny it would obliterate the roadster.
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    Even though the Benz cost more, Which I think is because the folding hardtop. I would pick it over the MZ3 because It performs better and I love its look. But I think if I was rich I would probably buy both. The BMWs look I love as well, and the performance is almost as great. Over all though, both are simply exellent autos.
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    An SLK32 would, on paper, trounce a Z3 but the Beemer is much more refined and costs less (but it's still expensive). I personaly think that the Z3 is ugly so it would have to be tha SLK for me!!!
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    as motor trend put it;

    the mercedes costs almost $9000 more!

    i think they are both very good cars. the mercedes could use a manual though. all the mercedes cars could use manuals. i think the only mercedes with a manual is the new SL500 but its only an option!

    the z3 has got a lot of classic looks. it could use some tweaking though. increase the exhaust psi to increase the bhp to the normal 333 for the engine. stick in a 6-speed manual and you got the perfect roadster. maybe even a removeable hard-top.

    personally i would take the z3 over the slkamg but that's my opinion.

    new comparison: bmw H5. vs. amg e55 <!-- Signature -->
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    the h50 is way better than the e55<!-- Signature -->
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    For RUF TURBO R:

    Mercedes does offer manual transmissions for more than just the SL. I think it offers it on the C32 AMG, and on a few of the CLK's, and I'm pretty sure that there are others, too. But I do think that Mercedes should offer manual transmissions on all of its cars.

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    A lot of people compare these cars for good reason, each are the perfect example of the companys top-notch roadsters. Both consisting of sun in your face flat out speed. However, when it comes down to buying one,people aren't going to choose because of raw performance numbers. The M Roadster is focused more towards those who want a drivers car, a car that they can turn off the DSC and power slide around some corners, and THEN go cruise into the sunset. Defently 100 times more of a mans car then the SLK32. However, the people loyal to Mercedes will without a doubt find what they are looking for in the Mercedes, a more refined, less agressive, powerful car. A car that the wife can drive to the country club without having TOO many teenagers try to race her. Both exemplify what each company has been trying to portray for years. BMW has emphasized the sporty nature of all of their cars. Mercedes has leaned more towards a luxury/sport ideal. When put on a race track the BMW will get to the finish line 9 out of ten times faster. When put on a drag strip the Mercedes will get there 9 out of 10 times faster. But does this matter? no. you want a drag car buy a Z06. you want a killer performance roadster buy a MZ3. you want a country club car that everyonce inawhile will show that smartass kid how its done get the SLK.<!-- Signature -->
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    Even though the SLK 32 AMG is more luxurious and everything, I would much prefer an M Roadster.<!-- Signature -->
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    How about a real car that isn't made for women? I'm not the biggest man in the world, but I have NO "adjusting room" if you know what I mean. But if I had to choose, I'd get the M roadster (b/c the coupe looks like a hatchback Honda Civic), and you can't have a fun driving experience in a Benz (unless the Benz in question is the SL500).<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from stars</i>
    <b>The SLK would smoke the Mroadster.
    The Benz has more horse power, and beat the roadster in a Road and Track test. If the SLk had manual tranny it would obliterate the roadster.
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I agree!!!
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    I am slightly offened that you call people on this site poor. My family owns 7 cars about to be eight. Two of them are classics a 40 year old camero and a 30 year old toyota land cursier. Along with a fully loaded suburban. The eight is a lexus ls 430 or bmw 540i or an m roadster or a used carrera 4 all of these fall in the 45k to 70k price range along with the slk amg.

    Anyway now on to the question the m roadster because you turn off all the performance depleting electronics. Like brake assist and traction control and body role control in the benz you can only turn them down not off. The benz also only offers an automatic transmission while the beamer offers has a 5 speed manual.
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    Mercedes-Benz SLK-32AMG for me. From AutoCar-The points scored are agonisingly close,but it's the BMW that comes 2nd.Matching yesterday's chassis technology with tomorrow's engine proves amusing only in straight flat roads..If u want an M car,buy an M3.The AMG is not perfect,and the engine nearly pushes the SLK chassis over the edge,but it just holds it together.As a package-huge torque,a brilliant automatic gearbox and that hood-gels in a way that the BMW cannot match.<IMG SRC="">The AMG SLK32 is a reminder that raw muscle can be a satisfying subsitute for pure ability.<!-- Signature -->
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    z3m <!-- Signature -->
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    how much do the bimmers cost anyway?
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    bmw's are in a league of there own when you compare these two cars
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    Both cars are nice but I would get the benz cuz "I drive a Mercedes" sounds better then "I drive a BMW" in my opinon.
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    i am personally a M POWER FANS! the slk is a womens car with a top end engine... they shouldn't even be compared
    a better comparison would be a slk amg VS a piece of shit

    M POWER!!!!!!!!!!!

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